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  1. fiddlefye

    I need a webcam - seeking advice!

    It ends up coming down to the right connectivity. I'll get started tomorrow with the crap cam in my laptop and keep researching. My stepson has a Sony digital Handycam I bought him for a film course he was taking that I could probably use as well, but he seems to have lost the power cord for...
  2. fiddlefye

    Retip or new cart?

    I'd retip it in an instant if it were me...
  3. fiddlefye

    I need a webcam - seeking advice!

    The problem I ran into (after more in-depth research and consult with my camera tech) is that using my D750 would probably kill it in short order due to overheating of the sensor. If it were a smaller sensor type camera I could probably get away with it, but a full-frame produces a lot of heat...
  4. fiddlefye

    I need a webcam - seeking advice!

    Thanks. Yes, I've started investigating that possibility. I would probably need to get an AC power source, though in truth the lessons are never more than a half hour at the moment and the battery will last longer than that in live view.
  5. fiddlefye

    I need a webcam - seeking advice!

    I'm looking at a few videos at the moment. I'd rather read about it, but that seems to be where the information is.
  6. fiddlefye

    Flower Pics

    First daffodil of the year. I tried to get a gentle diffused look this time, something soothing for these stressed days. DSC_8234 by fiddlefye, on Flickr
  7. fiddlefye

    I need a webcam - seeking advice!

    I'm now looking into how to utilize my Nikon D750 for the task. It seems it can be done. Overkill? Perhaps... we shall see if it works out...
  8. fiddlefye

    I need a webcam - seeking advice!

    No old phones except the sort that plug into the wall. I had one of them years ago, didn't enjoy the experience much and when it died i didn't replace it.
  9. fiddlefye

    I need a webcam - seeking advice!

    So I'm in the position now where if I'm going to do any violin teaching to keep the students on some sort of path it will have to be via video. I have a little HP i7 laptop I can use, but the screen is only 12" and the cam is pretty *blech* as well as the sound. I have a lovely old 2008 Mac...
  10. fiddlefye

    That weird space under the stairs...

    But now you can make out wherever you want (within some limits I suppose...). When I was in high school we lived in a 60s house that had an under-stair area that was of no interest to anyone except me. I collected all manner of leftover lumber and built a room there, probably 6' x 8'. We did...
  11. fiddlefye

    Cars & Motorcycles

    Definitely a fast car. Detroit GP, 1986 Shot on Kodachrome 25... img667 by fiddlefye, on Flickr
  12. fiddlefye

    Cars & Motorcycles

    Three of mine before I get into the ones I've shot elsewhere... Slides714 by fiddlefye, on Flickr img465 by fiddlefye, on Flickr 66 GT by fiddlefye, on Flickr
  13. fiddlefye

    Cars & Motorcycles

    Down my back alley. A classic something... HP5 F 001 by fiddlefye, on Flickr
  14. fiddlefye

    Anybody have desktop HIFI?

    I never did hear the Obelisk, now I think of it. I just presumed it was like some proto-Heed and similar. Ah well. The A/D/S can sound pretty good, but they need a good head of steam behind them to do so as I recall. What I like about what I'm listening to at this moment is that it is incredibly...
  15. fiddlefye

    Anybody have desktop HIFI?

    The Obelisk is nice enough and I've heard the A/D/S sound pretty good, so I wonder why it didn't work out so well?
  16. fiddlefye

    Working from home system

    I now have a sort of double work-from-home system. My main system resides in my office so it is always there and ready to go, but my desk faces in the opposite direction. At the moment this is what it contains: Conrad Johnson MV-45 power amp Anthem Pre-1 (wonderfully retubed last year from...
  17. fiddlefye

    I can't unsee it.

    I put fixtures of the same sort (but horizontal) in our big closet when we did the renovation. No broken bulbs or glass.
  18. fiddlefye

    Is it vintage ? Or just classic ?

    Looking really purty! Those Empires can be made to sound very nice and "musical" - in other words, just plain enjoyable.
  19. fiddlefye

    Yamaha PF-1000 turntable, Detroit pickup $350.

    If I could get the autolift working it would be the perfect table for our bedroom system. Hmm...