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  1. gortnipper

    300B Amplifier Project

    It's not a Don Allen amp design is it? It looks very much like one of his i had.
  2. gortnipper

    What are you listening to right now ?

  3. gortnipper

    Affordable 12"-ish tonearm options?

    I have one of James' 12" Apparition arms. Very little difference from the later Siggwan arms, as those were made for more ease of manufacturing. The Apparition bested my Schick arm in every way as well. I am glad you saw the same thing. Too bad I just sold my second NOS/NIB Apparition to a...
  4. gortnipper

    WTB Altec 802B Rear Cover

    Lookie here. In the back left corner.
  5. gortnipper

    What are you listening to right now ?

  6. gortnipper

    What are you listening to right now ?

  7. gortnipper

    What are you listening to right now ?

    I love this album, and the full length dance video is sublime.
  8. gortnipper

    DIY 904-8A conversion to 604-8H

    In my experience with my 604 8H-III, it was the stock XO that made them initially very hard to listen to. Before you give up on them, maybe try a better one? Maybe someone can loan you a Markwart or a Werner Jagush?
  9. gortnipper

    Looking for some good web resources...
  10. gortnipper

    Looking for some good web resources...

    @daveinnz welcome! Where in AKL? I am out north west, but not a Westie, really. Good tube porn here More Amp Construction
  11. gortnipper

    My little happy place.

    I have a Holo Audio Spring Level 3 KTE DAC in my main system, as well as a Eversolo DMP-A6 in my desktop system. I concur that the Holo is quite a bit better than the Eversolo, and I have not been disappointed with the Holo at all. It is a great DAC, and I am Jonesing for a May as well. And to...
  12. gortnipper

    Concrete paint ??

    I put on an epoxy paint with sand grit in the garage for grip. It was cheap and good, and mitigated slip a bit, but as above it did catch dirt when cleaning up.
  13. gortnipper

    Team DIY - Non-Audio

    What a miserable day. 11.5c cold, wind, rain. Not ideal for.doing this. Closer now, however.
  14. gortnipper

    Team DIY - Non-Audio

    This greenhouse came as 5.7m long flat pack bundle. There were 1000 hex head tech screws in the pack for the assembly. Four pages on the parts list. Today we got the second roll up side wall and vent netting done. The parts quality is very high. The instructions for assembling these are...
  15. gortnipper

    Good 2a3 and 300b made nowadays?

    Splurge on some EMLs. You won't regret it.
  16. gortnipper

    Hello from SoCal

    I had once aspired to be...but that slipped away to be replaced by being a Ducatista.
  17. gortnipper

    Hello from SoCal

    and I am hoping that from your moniker you drive one of red.
  18. gortnipper

    Hello from SoCal

    Nice! I love my GM70/604 combo. But, I find I dont need a PSE version, just pure SE works fine - 20w into 16 ohms!
  19. gortnipper

    Shindo Clone, well sorta….

    I was not meaning the plinth, per se, I was talking more about the Shindo modified SPU-A + arm wiring which he built his MC input stages specifically for. Then made the plinth to suit the Garrard + arm + etc
  20. gortnipper

    Shindo Clone, well sorta….

    I think there are two things that make them special: 1. The tuning of the overall package to his phono stages for system synergy; 2. That he built these in a way before it was de rigueur to do so.