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  1. Thermionics

    Intact Audio meets Allo USBridge And Katana DAC

    I'm not sure I'd refer to the PCM63 as a 'low-end DAC'. Older 20-bit DAC, yes, but it was also state-of-the-art shortly before the Delta-Sigma DACs became the hot shit for the cool kids. ;) I also prefer tube amps, LPs, and Altecs, so I'm probably a lost cause at this point. :)
  2. Thermionics

    Johnny Cash -One piece at a time- project

    So a psycho-billy VOTT?
  3. Thermionics

    What's in your glass?

    Small world - a friend of mine from Walla Walla was a barmaid at Red Door in the 90s.
  4. Thermionics

    What's in your glass?

    Oooh. I like the opaqueness of that IPA. I've got a few cans of Fremont Lush IPA in the fridge, but they're nowhere near that cloudy. (not my photo, but a good indicator)
  5. Thermionics

    My first restoration....don't know where to start

    I restored a 500S, which is somewhat similar to the 600. The resistors used in the 500S were carbon film (not carbon comp) - I'm assuming they used the same in your 600 - so I didn't have too much trouble with drifting values. I checked some critical values in the preamp / amp stages for...
  6. Thermionics

    FS: Mullard GZ34 (SOLD)

    I'll take it if still available.
  7. Thermionics

    Jazz Sabbath?

    Rick Wakeman: Grumpy Old Rock Star. 😂 (not a nice thing to say about your dad)
  8. Thermionics

    Happy Birthday Marantzfan

    So...are you and Nate each other's evil twin? Asking for a friend. ;)
  9. Thermionics

    Happy Birthday Redboy

  10. Thermionics

    Jazz Sabbath?

    I always preferred Brown Sabbath.
  11. Thermionics

    WTB: Altec/Peerless TBB-103 transformers

    Go big or go home, eh, Nate?
  12. Thermionics

    JE Labs Darling 1626 Build

    I think you could hit close to 101dB with that 3/4 watt.
  13. Thermionics

    Raspberry Pi 4 released

    I'm looking forward to the eventual (hopefully) release of the Raspberry Pi 4 compute module - I think that's when I'll make the leap to build an Allo USBridge Sig system.
  14. Thermionics

    JE Labs Darling 1626 Build

    With the volume knob on my APT at ~ 8:30, I'm getting plenty of volume while listening to Mahler 1: Titan on LP. I could get a lot louder if I needed to do so...
  15. Thermionics

    JE Labs Darling 1626 Build

    I'll give that a stab. Strange that this only is a problem with the Darling.
  16. Thermionics

    JE Labs Darling 1626 Build

    Shorted it is dead silent. I hooked up my ZuneHD instead and no hum, just music. When I plug in any of my other amps to the preamp (Yamaha C4) I have no noise issues. Very weird. Moving the Darling downstairs to connect between my APT Holman and my 604E speakers, no hum, just music. So no...
  17. Thermionics

    JE Labs Darling 1626 Build

    On the plus side, sounds amazeballs on my holey basket Corals in ported boxes. On the minus side, still too much hum for my Altecs. :( Too much gain?
  18. Thermionics

    Today's Classical Music Playlist

  19. Thermionics

    JE Labs Darling 1626 Build

    Just to put a pin in it (and motivate Nate and Anthony to shake a leg) - playing a little 'Abbey Road' via my ZuneHD: The workbench is a tad...messy at the moment. Also, before I forget, thanks to @je2a3 for inspiring this project via his blog, @paulbottlehead for helping me banish hum from...