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    Happy Birthday Redboy

    Happy Birthday Nate!
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    Happy Birthday Marantzfan

    Happy Birthday Anthony!
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    Happy Birthday @rogerfederer

    Happy Birthday! Have a good one!
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    Happy Birthday Olson_jr

    Happy Birthday! Have a good one.
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    Happy Birthday StevenZ

    Happy Birthday @StevenZ ! Have a good one!
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    Happy Birthday paulbottlehead

    Happy Birthday @paulbottlehead ! Have a good one.
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    Kenwood KR-6030 Fuses

    Ok, I have a question on fuses. This old Kenwood has been working for years as a shop stereo. For some reason the two 3A-250V fuses have blown. I don't have any fuses yet but, was wondering if they should be slow blow fuses. I'll need to replace them to check why they blew. Anyone have a answer?
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    Lii Audio MG-F8

    I received the MG-F8 drivers as a gift from Lii Audio. I don't see them listed at their site so, I'm guessing they are no longer available. The drivers appear to be built very well. Nice stiff aluminum baskets, large magnets. The surrounds and cone look very much like the Holey Corals. The specs...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thanksgiving is not complete without Arlo!
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    Garage WiFi amp

    Most have noticed I'm changing up a few things around here. I spend most of my time in the shop working on junk or just piddling around. I've been using a Ipad/phone to stream Tidal etc. from my Desk PC to the shop. What I want to do is set up a better system. Anyone have ideas on what I could...
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    Good by Louie

    My sons boxer passed today. He was such a goofy dog. Loved everyone. We had the pleasure of baby sitting him for a good while. He thought he was a lap pup. LOL. He also loved to listen to music. He would sit down between the speakers and turn his head to the music. Rest easy Louie. Sure going...
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    SOLD/Planet 10 CGR/Alpair 10P speakers

    Alpair 10P drivers in Planet 10 designed Classic golden ratio cabs. BB grade Baltic birch construction with internal brace. 225.00
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    SOLD / Lii Audio F-15 Drivers

    These are new F-15 drivers. Nice high efficiency. (In Pair, 2 pcs) Recommended, 15" Full Range Speaker Driver For Music Loudspeaker With Tube Amplifier F-15 - Lii Audio, unique speaker, amplfier, quality and cost-saving parts for HiFi DIY Will ship in original Lii Audio double box. 400.00...
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    Sold/ALEPH J

    Yup it's for sale. New build. DiyAudio store aluminum deluxe chassis and boards used in the build. Excellent condition and sound quality. 25 watts pure Class A. 750.00
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    Happy Birthday Andyman

    Happy Birthday @Andyman !
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    Lii Audio F-15

    I ordered a pair of these today. They were on sale and in stock. Nice and efficient! I'm not sure how I'm going to use them yet. Most likely will try OB first...
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    Fridays catch

    Went to Seadrift Texas to do some fishing. Caught my limit of Red and Trout Friday. It was a lot of work but, well worth it. Went with my lifelong friend. We talked about getting older and our time left to do the things we love. You young Kats get out there and enjoy while you can. Life comes...
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    Topping D30 Failure

    I bought the Topping D30 on Dec. 31 2017. Yesterday it decided to give up the ghost. It did work well for a year and seven months. Needless to say, I'll be looking for a better replacement. The unit was left on the entire time. Only turned it off if moving things around. :(
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    Magnepan LRS

    I just read about these today. Look interesting and are priced at the entry level of good speakers. Has anyone auditioned a pair yet? 🤔
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    Happy Birthday PM!

    Happy Birthday @Prime Minister ! Hope it's a good one!