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  1. mred

    Building a 6SN7 SRPP preamp kit.

    I like the 6sn7 a lot. I have used them in several amps, one preamp and I even built an active crossover using them once. When you are ready for tube rolling I can give some tips.
  2. mred

    Article about my wife's art supply shop

    Good stuff, I have two sisters that paint and have always been into art and photography. Thanks for sharing.
  3. mred

    Everyone’s Hearing Is Not Different!

    My biggest fear as I age. I worry I am going to voice the top end of my system too hot. So far I have not gotten any complaint, but I dont have any audiophile friends that live in my neck of the woods.
  4. mred

    I Hate Vintage Audio! :(

    Wow, this thread took off. Vintage.... what is your definition? I was once well flush with discretional funds and and was always trying new gear, that stuff is now vintage. What I consider vintage is farther back into what fiddlefye speaks of. After falling from grace in the late 90's I have...
  5. mred

    Happened to stop by a friend's house recently.....

    That was my thought also, lots of good clean juice to bring them to life. I am an open baffle fan so they didi impress me, as at the time I had been living with Dalquist DQ10's for many years.
  6. mred

    Happened to stop by a friend's house recently.....

    I never knew anyone that owned them, I did listen to them in an audio store a couple times. I thought they were pretty good considering how they were set up. Always wondered how they would sounf optimized.
  7. mred

    Ryan Adams #metoo'd

    I have liked a fair anount of his music thru the yeas, but never bought any due to listening to a couple interviews on local radio and sensing a real a hole coming across.
  8. mred

    I Hate Vintage Audio! :(

    I have a lot of vintage parts... thats sounds weird.., but not many real vintage peices of gear any more. I guess my wifes Marantz 2725 counts, along with her Lenco based tt with Acutex cart on a Victor 10" arm, oh and maybe my Altec speakers.... hmmm
  9. mred

    Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

    Yes, me too, I remember a couple people who had them and autocrossed them... late 70's
  10. mred

    Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

    Crazy what they bring now days. Back then they were shunned by the purists for not having 12 cylinders Very pretty lines, I rember them well.
  11. mred

    1965 Corvair vs Mustang

    Cool stuff, I almost bought a Corvair Monza when I was 16. I have owned a few Mustangs, among the many cars I played with through the years.
  12. mred

    Redboy's Audio Demortuum

    My first idler deck was a B12, about 11 years ago.
  13. mred

    Redboy's Audio Demortuum

    Very nice Nate. I love the ROK , if I get the itch for another deck it will probably be a 34 cause thier cool. All your stuff looks great.
  14. mred

    Fostex FE208EZ Sigma series build.

    The EZ or Sigma seires drivers are smoother than than the others. Good on you for the break in first, they take a while. I built a pair of back loaded horns with 168EZ drivers, they where very nice speakers. Mine played 24 hrs a day for 2 weeks in the garage before I finished the cabinets...
  15. mred

    The measurement that matters most.

    You petty much put it in perspective. When I cant stop listening and get other sruff done, or can't keep reading what ever it is in front of me then....well you know, its right. I put my 6c45p spud amps back my system last week, and have noticed some of the same, just not pulling me in as much.
  16. mred

    Russian DHT preamp

    Thanks for the input Gary. I did end up thinking about the cokes and now have repositioned them at 90 degrees to one anther. I may move them agian. The TVC id going on the output, yes. Currently planning grid stopper resistors. I have not tried ferrites before , certainly not opposed to trying...
  17. mred

    Russian DHT preamp

    Today's update. I have laid out the power supply and have it ready for drilling and milling. This morning I laid out the preamp section. I hope to have time at work to use a small mill to complete the larger holes and can do the small fansters by hand at home. This is a project of scrounged...
  18. mred

    H Frames

    Would love to hear those. Looks like a smart design.
  19. mred

    My first all DHT mono blocks

    Great looking build, sorry it does not sound as you had hoped. I know that drill well... I have had several through my years of diy. I have to ask where you found the clamps for the square cap ?
  20. mred

    Is Jazz Still a Public Health Crisis?

    Lol, yes no smooth jazz on my radar. Like all types of music there is something for the mindless, the masses, and the rest of us not so normal folks. )