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    A few Raspberry Pi observations

    I've been following the discussions on the Raspberry Pi as an inexpensive endpoint but never had a chance to try one. I currently use a Sonore Microrendu feeding a Khadas dac and I wanted to see how close one can get to the Sonore Microrendu. I had a Raspberry Pi 2B sitting around and I just...
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    Cleaning out the bookshelves - Old issues of Stereophile

    Any interest in old copies of Stereophile? The recent discussion about the value of modern audiophile magazines or lack thereof, made me take a look at my old collection. It's been almost a decade since I stopped subscribing (except for a brief relapse in 2016) but I have over 15 years of old...
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    Sold: Topping D70

    I bought this about 10 months ago and it's in perfect physical shape. I've done a few mods to improve its performance as documented in @JohnVF's thread which is where I first learned about the D70. I made a few tweaks/modifications to the unit, which I think improve the performance of what is...
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    New PS for a New York Audio Labs SuperIt Phono Preamp

    Here's a bit of audio work that I got done over the last few weekends. The New York Audio Labs SuperIt phono preamp was a low cost tube/fet hybrid phono stage that punched way above its price point. It was well reviewed in the audio mags and had a bit of an underground following as a good unit...
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    Burning Amp 2019 - November 9 and 10 in San Francisco

    Calling all DIYers. Saturday November 9th and Sunday November 10th are the dates for this years Burning Amp Festival. It's a DIY get together with a strong assist from Nelson Pass and the crew over on diyaudio. Saturday is devoted to workshops running in parallel tracks. People in one track...