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  1. John Frum

    FT: Sony PUA-186 broadcast tonearm for shorter arm

    Looking to trade my Sony PUA-286 broadcast tonearm (11.26” effective length) with KAB re-wire for a shorter arm I can fit on a Technics ‘1200. Post-2000 production date preferred, medium or medium/low mass preferred, SME-style headshell preferred, but I’m pretty open.
  2. John Frum

    New here...

    Welcome to the Haven! All kinds of systems here. My favorites are the ones people enjoy listening to music on!
  3. John Frum

    My Technics 1200 mods

    That’s a classy looking rig, and I think many people (myself included) could see something like that as an end-point!
  4. John Frum

    How do I add a center channel to my main system?

    Another option, if you’re using a separate pre and power amp, is to run a signal from the pre to amp, as usual, but also split the 2-channel pre signal off to a separate home theater receiver or processor/amp that’s specifically going to process your center channel. Most everything made from the...
  5. John Frum

    How do I add a center channel to my main system?

    I, you know, Googled it, and came up with this diagram from AKer whoaru99. Note that it’s critical to only use a common ground amplifier for this wiring scheme, or you WILL fry your amp. Abstain if you have any doubts. Also, good 2.0 stereo should throw a pretty good phantom center. If you’re...
  6. John Frum

    Anyone Messed With Volumio?

    4B, 4GB here.
  7. John Frum

    Anyone Messed With Volumio?

    Thanks! I don’t really think I ever fully understood that using Volumio as a server in this situation was an unrealistic expectation and causing a bottleneck. The same likely goes for the NAS. Sounds like a separate server Pi, or jettisoning the NAS in favor of a dedicated server tower, might...
  8. John Frum

    Anyone Messed With Volumio?

    Volumio is the server, but rather than have the music stored on a hard drive hooked directly to the R Pi, it’s on a network drive. Complicating matters, I can also play the files through Volumio, accessing the folder structure directly off the network share (which can be a little snappier and...
  9. John Frum

    Anyone Messed With Volumio?

    Seriously. A hard drive chock to the brim with lossy hand-ripped music is a total anachronism in 2020, and marks me as clearly “of a certain age”. My mind keeps drifting back to “Cleaning House”. If you can stand the show at all, it’s one of the funniest 11 minutes of Beavis & Butt-Head.
  10. John Frum

    FS: Two Technics SL1200 spindle bearings

    Looking forward to it. Not to threadjack, but a month ago, I’d never owned a ‘1200. Now, I have a MK1, and a DJ-battered MK2 and M3G. The M3G is the most ready, and has no apparent bearing issues from having been gigged with. Though the pitch fader is borked, it holds speed with the Reset...
  11. John Frum

    New Amp In The House!

    You misspelled “flavour” in the first post! 😅
  12. John Frum

    Anyone Messed With Volumio?

    No, I’ve got everything on a NAS. I’m sure this boils down to library size. Almost half a lifetime ago, a friend and I dedicated hundreds of hours to ripping everything we could get our hands on using iTunes to make VBR and, later, 320 kbps MP3s. Telling you the numbers would be embarrassing...
  13. John Frum

    Anyone Messed With Volumio?

    I’ve had a hard time getting excited about my Pi 4 running Volumio. There’s enough lag dealing with my large library that it isn’t fun.
  14. John Frum

    New Amp In The House!

    Hmm. “Sprung for a new to me tube amp” I’m going to guess that you’ve acquired monoblocks crafted from Hammond organ reverb amps.
  15. John Frum

    Newbie from Belgium

    Marc, welcome to Hi-Fi Haven! You have a stunning audio system that I’m sure sounds as good as it looks, and you’ve no doubt learned much along the way. I can’t help but think, though, that you’d get more enjoyment out of it if you turned the chair around! :tongue:
  16. John Frum

    Hi - new/old HiFi guy in NorCal

    Welcome to HiFi Haven! I can’t tell you how to do your project, but I can tell you how I’d do it. Your big limitation is wanting to use speakers in the cabinet. The console was built to fill a room with decent sound, and the audiophile niceties didn’t really apply. It’ll be hard to improve on...
  17. John Frum

    Just leaving this here...

    Yeah, but in 2020, it’s obsolete. Get with the times:
  18. John Frum

    Fostex WF405 15” woofer pair

    Trades considered involving idler turntables, tonearms, or MC carts!
  19. John Frum

    Havenite Food Creations

    Wise words.
  20. John Frum

    Happy Birthday TubeHiFiNut

    Best wishes on your birthday, David!