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    SOLD. Dyna ST-70 project kit (and a long story)

    SOLD This is basically a collection of parts for putting together a Dynaco Stereo 70, sort of a modern day kit. Some background: this is my 4th ST-70 so I have a long history with the design. I started out back in the early 1970s thinking I could “improve” the design. Solid state rectifiers...
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    FS: Sansui 1000a output transformers and a “sleeper”

    Sansui 1000a OPTs hardly need an introduction. They are well known for great sound and especially authoritative bass. This is a matched pair that I bought as a candidate for a WE 124 clone based on a friend’s recommendation; however I ended up using another type so the Sansui are surplus. I...
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    FS: Electra-Print OPTs (2A3 and 45/46). SOLD

    BOTH ARE SOLD Two pairs of Electra-Print single-ended output transformers. Both sets have copper windings with a single 8 ohm secondary. I am the original purchaser of each set. The first pair were in my 46 amps for a couple years (before I replaced them with E-P Silver Secondary...
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    FS by Salectric—Shure V15-III and IV, Astatic MF-200

    Continuing to dig through my Hifi closet. But these require some explanation and disclaimers. I am the original purchaser of each of these cartridges. I used each one for a year or two and then replaced it for the “latest and greatest.” I bought the Shures in approximately 1976 and 1978, and...
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    Salectric’s gear FS: Altec 32, 802, Emilar EH-500, EV T35B

    I am looking ahead to retirement and downsizing, which means it’s time to sell! First up are my Altec 32 horns (plastic and aluminum), my 802 drivers and a pair of Emilar/Showco horns. As anyone who has read my posts over the years already knows, I love the 32 horns. To me they are the ideal...
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    Everything matters!

    For the past week or so, I have been bothered by a channel imbalance. The Right channel sounded slightly louder than the Left so images were pulled more to that side. And the two channels also just sounded “different” as if the Left wasn’t as big and dynamic sounding. At first I thought this...
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    Building a Western Electric 124

    The Western Electric 124 has been one of my favorite amps for a long time. Not only does it sound great, but with 12 watts of push-pull 350B power it is able to drive lots of real-world speakers. Of course, anything with a Western Electric badge is expensive these days and hard to find. To...
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    Books on designing and building horn speakers

    A few weeks or perhaps months ago I saw several references to a new book about designing and building horn speakers. I think it was published in the UK and was not yet available in the States. Does anyone recall the name of the book or any details? I have looked in the various forums and...
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    Dumb Question re "locking" of DAC to digital input

    You folks were so helpful with my question about an input transformer that I hope you won't mind another question, this time one which probably qualifies as dumb. I have a CD transport (Cambridge CXC) connected to the SPDIF input on my DAC using a coaxial cable. I normally leave the transport...
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    DAC input transformers

    Does anybody know why an input transformer could improve the sound quality of a DAC? Or if you don’t know, can you speculate as to why? I am asking because I was quite surprised by how much better my DAC sounds after I installed an Audio Note copper input transformer. I thought the DAC...
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    Greetings from Salectric

    I have been a member of Hifi Haven for quite a while but I have never posted details about my system, so here goes. My listening is 99.9% to vinyl. Over the years I have gradually accumulated a decent size collection (3000 LPs give or take) of mostly jazz but also some classical as well as...
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    je2a3 on tube FM tuners

    I just posted a thread on the “Everything Audio” section with a link to je2a3’s blog post about FM tuners. Joseph does a neat comparison of his several tube and ss tuners. Of course the tube tuners sound better!
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    je2a3 on FM tuners

    For those of us who still listen to FM, je2a3 has just posted a blog blog describing his collection of tube and solid state tuners. I can relate to his comments about tube vs as tuners. I have an old Fisher FM-100B which sounds marvelous but I haven’t powered it up for...
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    Why no Cable Forum?

    I am curious why the powers that be decided not to have a separate forum for cable discussion. Is this because cable "discussions" often devolve into name-calling? Or maybe management thinks cables are not particularly important and therefore not worthy of a separate forum? I was thinking of...
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    Cabinet damping material

    There’s a lot of useful information on this forum but one issue that I haven’t seen addressed concerns internal damping in high efficiency woofer cabinets. Over the years I have tried 1” memory foam, fiber fill batting, and long fiber wool. Each time I ended up with the memory foam as the...