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  1. BillWojo

    WTB JVC/Victor PH-6 headshell and tonearm cable

    Looking for a nice JVC/Victor PH-6 headshell. Also looking for a RCA to 5 pin DIN cable with a straight connector for my Victor tonearm. Uses the same style as a lot of tonearms use. Thanks BillWojo
  2. BillWojo

    FS Victor TT 61 motor drive unit

    Up for sale is a rare Victor TT 61 motor drive unit. I believe these were only sold in Japan. Runs on 100VAC, will include a step down transformer for an extra 20 bucks if needed. Unit runs great, it came with a Victor two arm plinth and I picked up a higher model drive unit. This sale is...
  3. BillWojo

    WTB Victor UA-7082 tonearm

    Looking for a Victor UA-7082 or possibly a UA-7045 tonearm for my two arm Victor plinth. Let me know what you have. Thanks On Edit: Scratch the UA-7045 tonearm, one on the way from Japan. Still would mind finding a UA-7082 tonearm though. BillWojo
  4. BillWojo

    Nice aluminum CD adapters 1" to 2"

    Picked these up somewhere along the way and haven't used them yet so it's time to let them back in the wild. When I got them I drilled the 1" side to accommodate the 2 hole Altec bolt pattern. This was professionally done on a Bridgeport mill by a tool maker (Me). Flange Dia on the 1" side is...
  5. BillWojo

    WTB Victor UA-7082 tonearm

    I'm looking for a Victor UA-7082 tonearm or possibly a UA-7045 tonearm to use on my Victor constrained layer plinth. Thank you BillWojo
  6. BillWojo

    Any JVC turntable fans here?

    Yea, just another Japanese company that happened to sell turntables as well, right? NOT! JVC (Japanese Victor Corporation) or Victor as it was known in Japan was an engineering company that made a lot of high end gear for the broadcast market. They developed the Quartz locked direct drive table...
  7. BillWojo

    WTB: DIN to RCA phono cable and a Jelco JL-45 cue lifter

    I'm putting together a table, one of the last pieces I will need is a phono cable to fit into the bottom of my Audio Technica ATP-12T tonearm. I think a straight DIN connector will work fine. Not looking for something exotic and expensive, just something of decent quality. Thanks On Edit: I'll...
  8. BillWojo

    Denon DL-103 owners, this is drool worthy.

    SilverHeart headshell for Denon DL-103 cartridge, weighs 18 grams and overhang is set at 52mm. Cart just plugs in. Cost is about 300 bucks IF you can get one. Looks like all orders are spoken for and they won't be taking orders till the fall. It's designed to plug and play on the SPU tonearm or...
  9. BillWojo

    WTB/WTT DQX-1000 or DDX-1000 TT

    Looking to trade/buy a Micro Seiki TT, DQX-1000 or DDX-1000. I have as trade fodder Audio Research LS15 line stage complete with new metal remote, Audio Research VT100MKII and a set of TAD-1000 PP monoblocks loaded with KT120 tubes. Realistically, the LS15 can be shipped but the power amps are...
  10. BillWojo

    How do I change the clock in Hi Fi Haven?

    Times posted on post are way off from my time here. I looked every where for a place to change my time zone. Is it even possible? Thank you BillWojo
  11. BillWojo

    Capitol Audio Fest

    Anybody going to the Capitol Audio Fest this year? I've never been and it looks like a few of us are getting together to check it out. BillWojo
  12. BillWojo

    Ever wonder what a brand new WE 300B looks like?

    Well, how about 9 of them! Helping a fellow clean up a bunch of old junk and we came across this box. I invited my buddy Kevin to come along on my next trip with his calibrated TUV tube tester. Now I was expecting that these were all pulls and would test weak but they turned out to be all NOS...
  13. BillWojo

    Extended Philly Area Meetup

    This is actually a AK meetup but I'm extending an invite to all the folks on here from the area, or if you wish, Philly International is only 20 minutes away. "Again on short notice, sorry about that folks. Oct 5th, Saturday from 10AM to 5PM. Address is 100 Frontage Rd, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034. We...
  14. BillWojo

    WTB Yamaha PX-3 heavy tone arm weights

    Looking for the heavy counter weights that came with every PX-3. They screw into the rectangular counter weight in place of the little screws. I would make some but the thread size is not a standard size. It's metric for sure but not a standard pitch. Might be interested in a whole PX-3 parts...
  15. BillWojo

    WTB Audio Research SP6C preamp

    Looking for an ARC SP6C preamp with a silver face in good condition. Have one hiding in your gear closet? BillWojo
  16. BillWojo

    Free Altec 828 cabinets

    Pick up only. These are a bit rough but very solid. Located in Burlington, NJ BillWojo
  17. BillWojo

    WTB Parasound D/AC-1500 DAC

    Looking for a Parasound D/AC-1500 DAC with balanced outputs. Maybe someone has one sitting in a closet gathering dust? BillWojo