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  1. John Frum

    FS: Sony PUA-186 broadcast tonearm for shorter arm

    Looking to sell my Sony PUA broadcast tonearm (11.26” effective length). $600 including shipping to North America. I got this in a trade and have never put it to use. It is reported to have been rewired by KAB.
  2. John Frum

    Fostex WF405 15” woofer pair

    I only regret selling a small handful of audio items, and these have already made the list. I’d rather they stay in the family. TRADED!!! Think “JBL 2235” and you’re on the right track. One of fewer than a dozen production woofers that can play authoritatively down to 30 Hz, stay flat up to...
  3. John Frum

    Tamura power transformer from Sony TC-500A

    This one’s a gem for any number of small projects. $50 shipped CONUS. Original mounting platform included so that you’ve got a mounting template!
  4. John Frum

    The Great Ukulele Wave Of ‘09

    A'way back in summer of 2009, East Dayton was fast becoming the center of my social life, and I was only weeks away from making the big move myself. Back then, the idea of a three-piece band with harmonies, ukulele, melodica, and toy percussion wasn't quite completely run into the ground, and I...
  5. John Frum

    SOLD 2A3 SET - Consonance Opera Cyber 30

    EDIT: Off to the Bay! It’s about ten years old, in excellent condition, includes the manual, and the original box and packing will be packed in a bigger box. 12AX7 is a Sylvania. 2A3 pair are both black plate RCA, but are slightly different - there doesn’t seem to be much audible difference...
  6. John Frum


    No longer looking.
  7. John Frum

    '# Vinyl' Magazine Launch

    I was delighted to find out last year about Japan's jazz kissa (literally "jazz cafes"), where patrons come in, order a drink, and sit quietly to listen to reproduced music. Often small, cluttered, and idiosyncratic, jass kissas can be bars or coffee shops. Heavy emphasis is on analog, with...
  8. John Frum

    Altec & JBL driver/crossover lot

    Do you bleed alnico? Are you on a first name basis with Bill at GPA? Are you hopelessly, certifiably insane??? The crossovers are in unknown working condition, and the only good diaphragm is on the 2405 that will need a donor 2405H to be put right. 2x Altec 808-8A 2x JBL 2405 Altec 802D Altec...
  9. John Frum

    WE95-inspired Japanese 300B amp

  10. John Frum

    300B - first SET experience

    I’ve been enjoying the hell out of my Almarro A205A MK2, and have had no plans to upgrade. Until this amp fell into my lap: I haven’t even hooked it up yet. Hand-made in Japan sometime in the last ten years, and it’s supposed to be based on a Western Electric design. Tubes are Genelex Gold...
  11. John Frum

    Non-inductive resistors - talk me down!

    I’ve got some nice Dale RS-10 wirewound resistors on hand for my next crossover build. They aren’t non-inductive, but part of me thinks that for <5 ohm resistors at audio frequencies, inductance is just flat out not going to matter. On the other side, I’ve got the audiophile demon whispering...
  12. John Frum

    Farming out baffles

    I’m not equipped at home for woodworking, and I need to find a capable semi-local DIYer or pro shop I can pay to cut a couple of new front baffles for my 604 project. For those of you that have farmed our work like this, how did you wind up connecting with a woodworker? Were you happy with the...
  13. John Frum

    Double-take Classified Ads

    I’ll go first:
  14. John Frum

    Arcam R-Series Close-outs

    It looks like Arcam put the whole R line out to pasture this spring, and there’s clearance deals to be had, sometimes in weird places. I got two irDAC-II from a guy on Facebook Marketplace who deals in pallet goods. I flipped one, and now have $75 wrapped up in the other. I like the DAC very...
  15. John Frum

    Eat the Tapenade?

    Real talk. I’ve not been doing great. I very much look forward to having my partner home and safe, I worry all the time, and I try to take life’s mysteries in chunks no larger than the tasks required to take care of the pets, go to work occasionally per my job’s demands, and keep the house from...
  16. John Frum

    Rest In Peace Jeff Bagby

    Jeff Bagby passed away this morning after a long illness. You may not know Jeff’s name, but he was a leading light in the DIY speaker community. Jeff’s free Passive Crossover Designer software brought professional-grade crossover design into the hands of amateurs. His data-driven approach to...
  17. John Frum

    Altec 604-8G cabs: this or that?

    I’ve got a couple of pairs of candidates here that could, by cutting new front baffles, house my 604-8G. I’m struggling with the trade-offs, and thought I’d punt to those with more experience. Pair A: Currently contain Coral 12TET-1 Volume: ~8.5 cu. ft Width: -19.9”, narrower Total height...
  18. John Frum

    The Latest Waypoint

    A couple of months ago, I tore down my main system, in anticipation of changes that haven’t yet materialized. Yesterday, tired of having no music downstairs, I threw a little something together, incorporating new speakers, amp, and DAC. The Almarro A205A MkII is my first turnkey foray into...
  19. John Frum

    Rough week

    Thursday at 5:45 AM, I took my better half to the ER. It looks very much like she’s having a very rare immune response to a new medication, and it’s put her in very bad shape. Her care has been excellent since they moved her to the ICU his morning, and the steroids seem to be taming her immune...
  20. John Frum

    High End Munich 2020 Cancelled!

    I know this is THE big yearly event for some of HFH’s favorite manufacturers, and its cancellation when preparations are in full swing and plane tickets and hotel rooms already booked is going to hit them hard. Stay safe and sane out there, folks. Regardless of if or when the coronavirus comes...