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    FS: Dennis Had Inspire parallel single ended pentode amplifier and some FYI.

    After leaving Cary Audio Dennis Had is building amps and preamps as a retirement hobby and selling them on epay. Not many of the PSE's were built. I have two other Inspire amps and I'd like to see it to go to someone that will appreciate it. I have this listed on Agon. I'm posting it here...
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    Like horns and don't have room? Klipsch Heresy IV may be your ticket.

    The H4's are a completely new design. They have the same tractix mid and tweeter as the Cornwall 4's. The tweeter has a phase plug. Very smooth and they are now ported. The reviews are spot on. I bought a B stock pair for $2200 shipped on the auction site from seller Ronco, a Klipsch dealer in...
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    New guy from SW Florida

    I'm 68 and semi-retired. I got hooked on audio when I was a kid. My Pop's Fisher console with a mono corner speaker was the gateway drug. Got into tubes 25 or so years ago. My first real speakers were 1977 Klipsch Heresy's that I bought after college. I traded them in for La Scalas a year later...
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    Catalogs etc.

    I have a few catalogs that may be of interest. Please feel free to move this if this has been done before.
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    Jeff Day's new to him Stokowski Altec's

    Check these out: Overview & Update: The Duelund-Altec Project - Jeff's Place The Dueland dressed xovers are more than my piggy bank could handle. Sure would be cool to hear these.