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  1. Ilusndweller

    The Great Tidal to Tape Experiment

    P.M. - Banning the internet from your stereo system? We are on the same page, cheers!
  2. Ilusndweller

    good or better sounding “black plastic crap” (BPC)

    “That Sansui has the most awesome 80's graphics. Takes me back” Unfortunately (since it is BPC after all) the middle plastic frame that surrounds the readout and buttons on the Sansui A-1200 is missing on mine. I considered making a custom replacement out of a nice piece of wood, but decided...
  3. Ilusndweller


    Wow, is that the highest you have seen the water? How long have you lived there?Its like a mini Golden Gate Bridge, very cool!
  4. Ilusndweller

    good or better sounding “black plastic crap” (BPC)

    I reread this and see I used the word “sweet” to describe the sound of the JVC A-X7 integrated. I dont even know what I meant by that (guilty). From what Ive read about the A-X5, 7, and 9, they are unsuspecting really nice sounding amps. I know the A-X7 is. But they are silver colored plastic.
  5. Ilusndweller

    good or better sounding “black plastic crap” (BPC)

    The Pioneer counts, the Sony doesnt. Im glad you posted it, rule bending allowed for sure. There is so much great gear out there that I/we have no clue about. Yes those are the CDM-1SE speakers that I purchased in 98 at Wilshire TV and Stereo in 1000 Oaks, CA. Zero problems. I couldnt...
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    good or better sounding “black plastic crap” (BPC)

    First, I understand that anyone who has been in this hobby for a while and listened to a wide variety of gear, including BPC, realizes that just because the front face is plastic and the unit is black, does not automatically mean it sounds bad (maybe some do, that’s fine, I understand). I do...
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    "It's official: Open-Plan Offices Are Now the Dumbest Management Fad of All Time"

    Overnuked butter flavored popcorn...mmmm
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    Forum Upgrade and Temporary Service Interruption

    Good to not be on the main page and know Im online! ;)
  9. Ilusndweller

    Greetings from the Bay Area

    GR8 stuff and welcome Andy N! Brought a smile to my face. Keep on keeping on and perhaps see if your oldest likes birdsong, Althea, uncle, Tennessee, eyes, chinarider, help>slip>frank..... :boogie:boogie:boogie. Seeing as where you are from, I figure youve been to a GD show or two.;)
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    Monster Death Grip connector vs. Topping D30

    Gotta love gear with DAT inputs. :)
  11. Ilusndweller

    Havenite Food Creations

    Great thread to drool all over! Such a variety of food and it all looks perfect.
  12. Ilusndweller

    Monster Death Grip connector vs. Topping D30

    Game over. I could not believe how stuck this was. I was ready to get out the Dremel cut off wheel when off it a few pieces?!?! I have never encountered a more brittle metal in my life. The 4 missing pieces broke off as I was pulling it off. The half of the middle piece that is...
  13. Ilusndweller

    Newish Member

    Do you play stuff like this on your system?
  14. Ilusndweller

    Just wanted to say hello and to express my surprise to find this lovely place.

    Welcome from Ohio, U.S.A. I love German stuff, like Simichrome metal polish, older V.W. Westphalias, and the microphone in my avatar. Cheers!
  15. Ilusndweller

    Hi from the tiny town of Bakers Hill, Western Australia

    Welcome MB! I see you’ve got the workhorse Tascam DA20-MKII DAT with the great transport as well as the ability to defeat SCMS. And a lot of other killer gear. Glad you are here!
  16. Ilusndweller

    HiFi Tuning Fuses - What's your take?

    Has anyone used contact enhancers? Thoughts? I havent used the Tweak! in probably 20 years (couldnt even find it when I looked for it yesterday) and while I think it might have audibly improved the sound of my system, I cant say that I heard an improvement, sounded the same to me.
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    Hello from Eastern Washington

    Welcome Airframer! I really like your style, that is a fantastic looking system that Im sure sounds sweeet. Ive got some Advent Heritage that I really like, though yours look noticeably up the ladder from the Heritage. Cheers.
  18. Ilusndweller

    Hi, guys, it's been a while

    Sweet looking 2.1! I bet it sounds fantastic, especially with that sub and those ribbon tweets. Very well thought out system!
  19. Ilusndweller

    Newish Member

    WOW! I would love to hear your system. Though I know basically nothing about your gear, I bet it sounds fantastic. A unique system full of character! Welcome!
  20. Ilusndweller

    This is me...

    Better than CD’s and BPC. :looking up “did I just say that?” smilie: