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  1. adaug

    Today's Jazz Playlist

    wow - never seen that tina brooks before. looks good. thanks for the post.
  2. adaug

    MastersounD BoX

    #AudioThesis. i'm interested. does it have the phono pre? what el34 tubes are in it? thanks -andre
  3. adaug

    Meadowlark American E series

    those speakers appear easily worth $100! go get them.
  4. adaug

    Today's Jazz Playlist

    creating a "feeding frenzy" hits the nail on the head. it's been sad to see the devolution of RSD.
  5. adaug

    Today's Jazz Playlist

    great point. that effect has turned me off from RSD. i now expect that any title i want will be gone by the time i get there. and will appear on ebay starting that day, at a much higher price. you are right - creating demand can backfire.
  6. adaug

    Today's Jazz Playlist

    re the price gougers - this gouging by re-sellers seems to be made possible by labels pressing too small runs that don't fully meet buyer demand. they certainly know their business better than i do - perhaps its beneficial to create an atmosphere where for fans the pressure is to work hard to...
  7. adaug

    Today's Jazz Playlist

    new thread for this would be good. very distinct from the trad end of the jazz spectrum. "sharp elbows" might better be in a smaller more dedicated home. imho, of course.
  8. adaug

    EPI Speakers

    ps one of the epi's that you posted appears to have 2 woofers and 2 tweeters, so is sort of "internally stacked", right?
  9. adaug

    EPI Speakers

    stacked advents blew my mind a few years ago. in a good way. have been wondering if stacking other speakers would have similar effect. have you tried stacking epi's?
  10. adaug

    EPI Speakers

    stacked advents!
  11. adaug

    I Wreck Me

    "cap coupled" is something i was not aware of til a few years ago. i was finding that some very inexpensive gear was sounding better to me than higher-rated far more expensive gear. turns out the the ones i was liking are cap coupled. there is an openness, spaciousness to their sound...
  12. adaug

    A few pics of the garage

    +1 to stacked avdents!
  13. adaug

    Today's Jazz Playlist

    i had this on lp. liked the music. but the recording made it sound tiny and cramped. this band needs a better recording!
  14. adaug

    Tubelab Simple Single Ended EL34 Amp

    i kinda like the looks of it.
  15. adaug

    The RPM Challenge!

    uh, how can one tell that the app is better calibrated than one's turntable?
  16. adaug

    Lii Audio F-15

    bass performance is critical for me too. in my experience bass is good on the sapphires at all listening levels. its not a thudding in your face bass. its a natural flowing bass sound. i can pick up the bass lines well. warning: the sapphires really expose amplifiers. the sound is quite...
  17. adaug

    Today's Jazz Playlist

    which of these four would you recommend as the better releases? thanks
  18. adaug

    Lii Audio F-15

    ditto. i just got a pair of the sapphires that are still in their 400hr secondary break-in period, and the transparency, soundstage and prat are exceptional. additionally, spatial is great to deal with (as i'm sure is decware, of course).
  19. adaug

    Does Roon make sense for me?

    im just now in the process of getting started on streaming. im able to get spotify to connect to my streamer, but not qobuz. what you said is probably why. its a head scratcher for me why qobuz would not go directly to the streamer but would instead require a 3rd party service to do that.