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  1. adaug

    simple digital pocket camera?

    does anyone have, or know of, a digital pocket camera that is heavy on the lens/photo quality and light on multiple menus and features? looking for one which fits into most pockets, about the height and width of a cell phone. simplicity is the key. my lumix dmc-zs50 is the right quality and...
  2. adaug

    wonfor ewa pre/power amp on ebay

    fyi - there is an interesting wonfor pre/power amp on ebay (no affiliation). wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it? thanks
  3. adaug

    thoughts on MOBILE FIDELITY ULTRADECK table?

    anyone care to share experiences with this mobile fidelity turntable? thanks
  4. adaug

    denon dd turntable model heirarchy?

    does anyone know of a source to help figure out how various vintage denon direct drive table models compare to each other? eg dp-1200 vs dp-2000 vs dp-3000 dp-67 vs dp-72 vs dp-80 not to mention, say dp-80 vs dp-1200 is there any methodology to the numbering? subjective opinions regarding...
  5. adaug

    Axpona 2021 scheduled for August 2021

    almost a year away. can they pull it off?
  6. adaug

    phono equalization curves

    was reading this what hifi review of the iFi phono preamp: and this jumped out at me: Got a wide variety of records? A toggle to switch between RIAA, Columbia and Decca EQ curves...
  7. adaug

    neil young on audio and current consumer music technology

    curmudgeonly, and a lot of great quotes:
  8. adaug

    entry level streaming devices 2020

    ive resolved this year to dive into the world of streaming. interested in trying higher rez services like tidal, qobuz etc. looking for opinions on good but reasonably priced device to use. requirements: 1) plugs into a preamp (not looking to revamp the rest of my system), 2) good interface...
  9. adaug

    storing speakers in freezing temps

    we are in the process of moving, and a heated storage space is being replaced by an unheated garage. looking for guidance on whether freezing midwest winter temperatures are likely to damage stereo speakers. the stored speakers are standard cone/dome types. thanks for any experiences or input.
  10. adaug

    SOLD: Olympus 4/3 photo equipment incl E-510 digital camera and fisheye lens

    edited: (sold elsewhere) since there is a fair amount of photo-related posting here, i've now listed some unused and lightly used digital olympus photography gear on the big auction site. includes 3 lenses - the most unusual of which is a super fun peleng 8mm circular fisheye. this bundle is...