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  1. Try1256

    Hmmm... is it my stylus or the record?

    I am coming up in 3 years with my Soundsmith Aida. It is a wonderful phono cartridge. However, I am experiencing something unusual. My daughter gave me James Taylors “One Man Band” record for my birthday. I opened it up and put it on and there is some very noticeable distortion throughout the...
  2. Try1256

    Oh boy, OH BOY

  3. Try1256

    Still Points Aperture

    I have one in my room to try out. A friend bought 2 and found that one was sufficient. I had a lot of treatment in the room for a small room. Probably way too much. I removed everything but the corner traps at the ceiling. I have tried the Aperture in a few different spots and found what...
  4. Try1256

    Tommy Emmanuel

    Don’t know how many Tommy fans are here but this is great.
  5. Try1256

    Calling all digital Gurus

    Ok, so up until now, my digital usage has been fairly limited. I am still primarily an Analog Man. I had a Sonos connect and a CD player. I subscribe to Tidal which I use mostly in my car through my phone. I subcribed to Roon which I like. It is resident in my Mac and I can choose music from...
  6. Try1256

    Sneaking back in

    :over: Been down a different rabbit hole for a while. Bought a new piece of gear so I figured it was time to circle back around.
  7. Try1256

    My new favorite website... This could be bad. Very, very bad. :p
  8. Try1256

    Refreshed my Infinity 7 Kappa's

    I have really been enjoying these Infinity's a lot for a few months now. I was a bit concerned about the polydome's though as they had turned white. Stories abound of the polydome mids just going to pieces. I followed an old thread over on AK about restoring them with Meguires vinyl and...
  9. Try1256

    I kind of like this

    My neighbor gave me this Echo Dot. I finally figured it out and got it connected to my Sonos Connect. I just tell it what I want to hear and it plays it. Cool!
  10. Try1256

    Has anyone used Last record preservative?

    I picked up a used Japanese pressing of Kenny Burrell and Grover Washington Jr. "Togethering" today. It had the "Last" sticker on the cover and I was curious. Looked it over and it appeared clean so I put it on without cleaning it on the Okki Nokki. This record is the quietest record I have...
  11. Try1256

    This is strange

    The past few months, I have not been checking craigslist, audiogon, us audio mart, ebay daily for gear. I'm not sure whats wrong. To make things worst, I actually have some excess gear for sale on craigslist. Should I see a doctor?
  12. Try1256

    Look what I found

    I have taken a liking to my old PL-50 again of late. A bit of nostalgia I suppose. A week or so ago, I was taking my daily stroll through Ebay when this popped up A full accessory kit for a PL-50. It includes transport bolts, an unused headshell, 45 adapter, screw driver, unused oil...
  13. Try1256

    Pioneer PL-50 motor

    Rich, Have you ever opened up the motor on one of these old pioneers? Mine has a slight buzz and from what I have read, the motor bushings can be cleaned which will quiet them down. I dont want to break it but if its an easy process, I am game. Thanks.
  14. Try1256

    Classical Records...What do I have?

    I am not a student of classical music. That being said, I have a great admiration and appreciation of classical pieces and those who perform it. In my gathering of wayward records, I acquired a few classical pieces. All of which I know nothing. Please forgive my ignorance but if you would...
  15. Try1256

    Good Advice...

  16. Try1256

    Been a little preoccupied since Wednesday

    Say hello to Wesley.
  17. Try1256

    SE Quartet

    Have any of you ever listened to this group. They are a jazz quartet out of Sweden. Very nice combo. They are on Tidal. I haven't found any of there physical medium available in the US as of yet. Highly recommend.
  18. Try1256


    Just curious. Do any of you have insurance policies specifically for your record collection or equipment? My agent thinks I am covered well for the gear but suggested a specialty policy for the record collection and guitars. If you have one, who is the company? Thanks.
  19. Try1256

    Dang it!

    I finished mounting and setting up the TP-16 on the Thorens last night in preparation to put it up for sale. I really don't need it with the Sota in the system. I mounted a cheap AT cart on it just to be able to demo it. I put a record on to test it and it just had a sweet sound to it. Then...