• Haven Online "Pub" Night - Saturday April 17- 9PM - Following the huge success of our last virtual get together, we are having another meet in our chatrooms, this Saturday at 9PM EST. All members welcome!

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  1. Wntrmute2

    Haven "Pub" Night - Saturday April 17- 9PM

    So how does one join?
  2. Wntrmute2

    A cast cement horn project

    I knew a guy who built a concrete boat - so why not?
  3. Wntrmute2

    6E6P a Sub for D3A?

    Here Check posts 911 and 912 in the thread as well.
  4. Wntrmute2

    Are tube cracks normal?

    Good luck man!
  5. Wntrmute2

    The Covid-19 thread.

    Thanks Rudy!
  6. Wntrmute2

    The Covid-19 thread.

    The above is what we need right now. No amount of browbeating from official sources will change peoples' minds IMHO. But folks that you like and pay attention to may have an effect. Not to bring politics back into this but if the Trumpster or QAnon got on social media and advocated getting...
  7. Wntrmute2

    The Covid-19 thread.

    I'm sure that was it. Loved going to Buddy Guy's Legends. To hear him sing was a drop your socks experience.
  8. Wntrmute2

    The Covid-19 thread.

    I believe I've been to a place called the Blue Moon a couple of times. Are you familiar?
  9. Wntrmute2

    The Covid-19 thread.

    Where you headed John?
  10. Wntrmute2

    Tonearm bearing repair

  11. Wntrmute2

    Boris is coming...

    I'm sure you saw that TVW recommends grounding the transformer shields to the chassis in 15.12: Miscellaneous Ground Connections.
  12. Wntrmute2

    Today's Rock/Hard Rock/Classic Rock Music

    Great listen. Just crank it up!
  13. Wntrmute2

    Today's Jazz Playlist

  14. Wntrmute2

    K&K and Adagio Zen

    Pics of the front and mono switch.
  15. Wntrmute2

    Today's Jazz Playlist

    Agreed, I spin that one frequently.
  16. Wntrmute2

    Covid GM70 build

    That is how I felt. Instant relief!
  17. Wntrmute2

    Covid GM70 build

    I am so happy for you! Keep us updated.
  18. Wntrmute2

    Question: Thorens TD124 MK1 Step Pulley

    I see you found your answer over at Lenco Heaven.
  19. Wntrmute2

    Destination Speaker on CAM - Meadowlark Heron I

    Just the logo on the front is worth the price of admission!
  20. Wntrmute2

    K&K and Adagio Zen

    Pics of the interior and back of the K&K Maxxed out phono stage.