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  1. Thermionics

    New DIY USB PSU for Raspberry Pi

    Let's see, best as I can remember it the breakdown of costs was (approximately) the following: Circuit Board: $20 (eBay) Electrical components: $50 (Mouser) Front & back panels: $100 (Front Panel Express) A bit ironic that the panel machining was more than the cost of the actual power...
  2. Thermionics

    Best phono preamp under $500

    I offered an extra AD797 phono stage with a Pete Millett linear PSU to @Audionut (as I built three of them for some reason I can't quite fathom). :)
  3. Thermionics

    What are you listening to right now ?

  4. Thermionics

    The Covid-19 thread.

    Second jab is tomorrow afternoon. We'll see if it knocks me on my ass or not.
  5. Thermionics

    LMS and Squeezelite for Raspberry Pi

    One other idea (that I know I've mentioned elsewhere) is that you could also sign up for a HackBoard2 computer preorder for $115 (shipping April 30th) and buy a 1TB NVMe drive for music storage and have a more-or-less instant LMS server in the same form-factor as a Pi4B with a whole lot more...
  6. Thermionics

    Is Decware worth the investment

    They may have been rolling their own OPTs in the 90s, but now they use Edcor (hard to miss those blue bobbins). Again, not a problem - Edcor makes good iron - but it implies that perhaps the whole may be a fair bit more expensive than the sum of its parts.
  7. Thermionics

    NOS? Back stock? Issues of Sound Practices Available from Mr. Roberts

    Mine arrived as well. Thanks, Joe!
  8. Thermionics

    watches anyone?

    I have one quite similar that belonged to my great grandfather. I'll take some photos.
  9. Thermionics

    Is Decware worth the investment

    There's nothing special about the standard Zen Triode these days. They use Edcor iron (nothing special there - just good, solid, American-made iron), and a relatively unsophisticated (but reliable) circuit. Running the SEPs as triode-strapped may make them sweeter-sounding, but seriously chops...
  10. Thermionics

    LMS and Squeezelite for Raspberry Pi

    To be clear, I have LMS running on an 8-core Atom server running Windows Server 2016 Essentials. YMMV running it on a Pi4.
  11. Thermionics

    LMS and Squeezelite for Raspberry Pi

    Very much so. I'm running an LMS back-end with six Moode endpoints currently.
  12. Thermionics

    The Covid-19 thread.

  13. Thermionics

    frugel-horn flat pack; what do you think?

    I'm with Roscoe - if the CHBs sound good (albeit bass-shy), then perhaps the answer is to go with the CHBs + sub (and maybe down the line a super-tweeter if you are so inclined) and save the Alpairs for a different cabinet.
  14. Thermionics

    Vintage CD Players

    Yep. Although it seems eBay is the only place to find OPA2604 op-amps now. :(
  15. Thermionics

    Vintage CD Players

    I have been tempted by something like that (actually, I'm tempted by an AD1865 Pi hat, but can't afford right now), although in theory, I could just plug this Magnavox via SPDIF into my current GDA-600. However, I figured I'd try it out au natural for a while first (albeit with some strategic...
  16. Thermionics

    The Callout by GoldenSound

    I don’t have a dog in this fight as I don’t stream hi-res files (except from my own rips on my own server) and in general I prefer to purchase physical media. That being said, I couldn’t argue with the presenters methodology nor his conclusions. Combine that with the actions of MQA reps, and...
  17. Thermionics

    Vintage CD Players

    Yes...yes it does.
  18. Thermionics

    The Covid-19 thread.

    Drove to Portland Wednesday (and came back Thursday) to take my 83-year-old Mom to get her second Pfizer shot. So far, no side effects of note. Wife and I get our second Pfizer shot next Wednesday and our daughter (who is a HS senior) gets her first today.
  19. Thermionics

    Threaded stud gliders

    Those feet look very much like Magic Sliders(tm) but AFAIK, there is no such beast as a 1/4-20 threaded Magic Slider (or any threaded Magic Slider for that matter). I wonder if Herbie's has some sort of licensing agreement?
  20. Thermionics

    Vintage CD Players

    Does the NOS conversion take the output directly off the TDA1541 (e.g. no analog reconstruction filtering to remove ultrasonics) like the Lampizator conversion? Also, I'd read in a couple of places that very high slew-rate op-amps (e.g. something like an AD827JNZ with a 300V/µs slew-rate) are a...