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  1. StevenZ

    ISO: Speaker Builder in South Texas

    As the title states, I'm looking for assistance with speaker building in south texas. Anyone with a CNC machine, friend, etc. I've got a custom project I'd like to have build which consists of 2pr of the same speaker. I've got the drawings, the plywood, drivers, stuffing, wire, binding posts...
  2. StevenZ

    The Brisket Thread - A place to share brisket cooks

    Trying out low and slow on my new Slow N Sear Kettle. Using a 2F Farms Akaushi brisket clocking in at 9lbs and probably 8.5lbs trimmed. Pit is holding steady around 245F. Spritzing with 50/50 ACV and apple juice. Post oak wood chunks and Weber charcoal. Looking and smelling great so far.
  3. StevenZ

    FREE! - Album art wall hanging frame - San Antonio

    Had this built a long time ago for displaying favorite albums. It's been in storage for many years and shows. It's dusty, has a few cracks but is in overall decent condition. Can be cleaned up and used to display albums as it was intended. Free to anyone willing to come and get it. Made...
  4. StevenZ

    The Official Mark Audio Speaker Thread

    Hoping this can be a place for us to share experience, builds, impressions, etc. of all things Mark Audio speakers related. I will be posting build photos shortly. @mrtumnus and @mccarty350 please post your build photos and details in here if you can. I'll dig through my photos and detailed...
  5. StevenZ

    Audio Note AX-Two - Welcome Home

    A little over 2 years ago I was in the market for new speakers. I don't recall the thread here but @Richard Austen suggested that I look into this speaker. I read everything I could about them (which given their long production time, the information and impressions were very scarce). Because...
  6. StevenZ

    Elac UniFi 2.0 UB52

    So after near constant harassment from my good friend @JBN for the past few years to try Elac speakers I finally gave in and ordered a pair of the relatively new, and completely redesigned UniFi 2.0 speakers. Looking forward to their arrival on Saturday. Anyone else with a pair of these?
  7. StevenZ

    Current production sealed bookshelf speakers

    Seeking a little help here compiling a list of current production bookshelf speakers that are sealed. I will start with a few off the top of my head. Any help is appreciated. Audio Note K ATC SCM7 ATC SCM11 ATC SCM19 Gershman Acoustics Studio 2 Harbeth P3ESR Harbeth P3ESR 40th Anniversary...
  8. StevenZ

    Subwoofers and the search for musicality

    So, looking for a "sub" but scared of winding up with a slow fart box that doesn't blend well with my single driver wideband speakers. Needs to be fast but most importantly musical and not bring attention to itself. What do you guys recommend? Is REL still RELative? Any that fly under the radar...
  9. StevenZ

    Ford F-150 vs Toyota Tundra vs the others

    I've recently found myself in the market for a crew cab pickup. I'm thinking 4x4 and preferably brand new. I've seen that Ram has won a bunch of awards recently but I've also watched plenty of videos of these trucks that are literally falling apart within the first 50,000 miles. so I'm pretty...
  10. StevenZ

    SOLD: Oliver Sayes Yamamoto A08S Clone W/Upgrades! *$850 shipped*

    Selling my beautiful looking and Sounding Oliver Sayes Yamamoto A08S clone. This gorgeous amp was outfitted with a few upgrades over what Oliver typically puts in his amps. This amplifier uses Rod Coleman DHT Filament Regulators for clean DC filament heating, which means quieter operation than...
  11. StevenZ

    SOLD: Audiolab 6000CDT *MINT* Price reduced!

    Used for a few hours back in March when I first bought it and then had to pack it up because I started working remotely. Haven't used since and I would like it to go to a good home. It's mint condition and sounds amazing. Reduced to $375 shipped PayPal gift.
  12. StevenZ

    Oliver Sayes Amplifier Owners Club

    Joined the club today. Yamamoto 45 clone amp with DC filament supplies. TKD potentiometer and an option to use this amp as a preamp as well. Ironwood chassis and using Tamura/Tamradio output and power transformers. Will take a few shots of the insides tomorrow but for now I'm REALLY enjoying...
  13. StevenZ

    Admiral Tunnel Reflex (Foster 10RG11 / "FE103A")

    Just unboxed this pair of Admiral Tunnel Reflex speakers that I had ordered almost a month ago off of eBay. My fingers were crossed that they housed the real "FE103A" and looks like I was right. There's a website out there that details these speakers having the FE103A and I was happy to find...
  14. StevenZ

    Oliver Sayes Yamamoto A-08S clone

    Put a deposit down on what I'm hoping should be a beautiful looking and sounding amplifier. DC heaters and all. TKD volume pot and ironwood chassis.
  15. StevenZ


    Well, that darn glow in the dark audio site got the best of me. After reading the glowing review of the Alan Eaton 45 amp I just couldn't resist. I set forth in a bidding war on that auction site for one of the amps he had listed and threw in the towel after I hit my max. So I contacted Alan...
  16. StevenZ

    Epos under new ownership - Return to greatness?

    Looks like Epos is now under new ownership and from what the website says, looking to introduce new speakers soon. I'm thankful for this, since I saw the acquisition by Mike Creek and the way he moved the brand towards "meh" looking and performing speakers as a major downfall for the brand. I...
  17. StevenZ

    Show us your tabletop radios and alarm clocks!

    So, I've been bitten by the tabletop radio bug and am feverishly searching for my own very first tabletop radio for the bedroom. I'm thinking Tivoli Model One BT or Sangean WR-16SE. Also considering older models as well, possibly Bakelite? Oh gosh, there's so many to choose from. Thoughts...
  18. StevenZ

    SOLD: Meier Audio Corda Daccord-ff

    Selling a like new, low hours Corda Daccord-ff. Purchased a couple months ago and works amazingly well as a dac/pre. The build quality and sound are excellent. Asking $600 OBO. Paypal only. CONUS shipping only.
  19. StevenZ

    N/A: Jean-Marie Reynaud Bliss Jubilee

    Selling my mint pair of JMR speakers in cherry finish. Asking $1850 OBO. Local pick up preferred in San Antonio, TX. Will split actual shipping cost with buyer.
  20. StevenZ

    Christmas Mystery (of the electrical kind)

    So, while cleaning out an old garage here at my wife's late Grandma's house we stumbled upon a trove of vintage Christmas decorations. Some worthy of cleaning up, others damaged from poor storage, but among them a battery powered dancing and singing Santa. Great physical condition. We bring it...