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  1. ICTWoody

    Marantz Model 5 Monoblocks

    Those are cool. Coming after the gucci-factor of my Fairchild 275s! I agree with @old_borg ... I had my Fairchilds pimped out by Dave Gillespie with quality modern stuff because I wanted "Hot rods" that I could drive every day without worrying about them. I doubt you'd take a huge hit over...
  2. ICTWoody

    Champagne Club Amplifiers

    There’s a want ad for STAX on USAM. - Woody
  3. ICTWoody

    Wanted Tonearm for a MK1 Thorens TD 124

    Nice grab, buddy! One of those is on my short list... but I’m drowning in projects and lacking in time as usual. So maybe in the future. Or you just sell me that one when you tire of it. - Woody
  4. ICTWoody

    SOLD - NuPrime DAC-10 - SOLD

    Sold Pending Funds to @Mr. Bissness ! Thanks, Tyler! - Woody
  5. ICTWoody

    DIY Interconnects

    Where did you pickup that cotton sleeving? I like the look. - Woody
  6. ICTWoody

    SOLD - FS: Duelund DCA16AWG cable

    So how many meters do you have at $7/m? - Woody
  7. ICTWoody

    SOLD - NuPrime DAC-10 - SOLD

    Okay. Didn’t drop it off at TDSS so that option is off the table unless you want me to ship it to them. $850 shipped for HFH members! Let’s do it! - Woody
  8. ICTWoody

    SOLD - NuPrime DAC-10 - SOLD

    Offers? Still in Arkansas. Can ship from here or drop off this week at TDSS for mods. - Woody
  9. ICTWoody

    SOLD - NuPrime DAC-10 - SOLD

    Light saber of sound. - Woody
  10. ICTWoody

    SOLD - NuPrime DAC-10 - SOLD

    I had a single STA-9 I sold a friend and he mated it with a matching DAC-9... he loves it. I really like my IDA-16 with my Harbeths. All the NuPrime stuff has been really impressive to me. I wouldn’t be selling this if it had a balanced input. - Woody
  11. ICTWoody

    SOLD - NuPrime DAC-10 - SOLD

    It’s like a silver stealth fighter jet. I think they look pretty cool. - Woody
  12. ICTWoody

    SOLD - NuPrime DAC-10 - SOLD

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Hey guys, this is a little bit of a catch-and-release for me. NuPrime Audio DAC-10 in silver. I just got this as an off-dealer demo (long term demo, former dealer) back in February and it works and sounds AWESOME! I won't go into details, but you can read about it here...
  13. ICTWoody

    SOLD SOLD - “GPA’d” Altec 604-8G’s - SOLD SOLD

    SOLD for $1750 shipped on USAM.
  14. ICTWoody

    Do you believe that our hobby is splitting?

    Yeah. Maybe in some circles, but I feel like here on HFH we’re a little more.... well rounded? Just thinking of my collection of gear.... it’s a pretty good mix from my 1957 Fairchild 275’s to my Class-D gear that I just bought brand new. None of my cartridges are not current models... running...
  15. ICTWoody

    SOLD - McIntosh C32 Preamplifier - SOLD

    Sold through USAM for $1650 shipped. - Woody
  16. ICTWoody

    SOLD SOLD - “GPA’d” Altec 604-8G’s - SOLD SOLD

    I'm going to bump these up and make a HFH only special price. $1600 and I'll split the shipping. I'm heading out of town on Friday AM and I would love to ship these out before then. I put them on USAM and several Altec/Lansing FB groups last night asking $1900. So snag up a great pair of...
  17. ICTWoody

    My Philharmonic 3’s - Refining the refined...

    Hey man! Good to see you around here! Yeah, I got more projects in the works... keep eyes peeled... I’ll try and keep my threads updated. I’ll be interested in your thoughts on the Meta’s. I had a pair of LS50W’s I sold a few months ago. I really liked them. I’d love to try the new gen of that...
  18. ICTWoody

    SOLD SOLD - “GPA’d” Altec 604-8G’s - SOLD SOLD

    I'd love these to go to an HFH member. If you are interested, lets talk! - Woody
  19. ICTWoody

    SOLD - McIntosh C32 Preamplifier - SOLD

    Love to sell this in the next week. Holler if you wanna discuss. I'm ready to play ball! - Woody