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  1. MikeT.

    Tidal Sold

    Jay-Z made some money. Not sure what this means for Tidal though.
  2. MikeT.

    SOLD: Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital

    I’ve been simplifying my system ever since I purchased my Harbeths and I recently purchased a new Yamaha A-S801. The Yamaha offers one-box solution which sounds incredible and the built-in DAC uses a Sabre ESS Technology 32-bit DAC (ES9010K2M), native DSD resolutions (2.8 MHz / 5.6 MHz) and PCM...
  3. MikeT.

    For Sale: Rogue Audio Sphinx V2 - Silver w/ Two Remotes PLUS 3 sets of 12au7 tubes

    REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED Selling to upgrade, this amplifier generally needs no introduction. This unit is pristine and comes with an upgraded aluminum remote in addition to the "hi-tech" clear plastic one. Also provided are three sets of 12au7 tubes, the JJ's, a pair of Gold Lions and a pair...
  4. MikeT.

    Incoming Headphones During Our Pandemic

    I’m usually not a big headphones guy but, during this f’ing pandemic, I have to say sometimes I just want to turn the volume up without closing the door to my, er uh, listening room. I listened to a pair of Grado SR-325e at Decibel Audio, about two years ago, when I was buying my amp and was...
  5. MikeT.

    SOLD: Tellurium Q Black RCA Interconnects 1.5m pair

    Being fully retired, I am “selling-to-buy” and looking to experiment with a reasonably priced set of headphones. These TQ RCA interconnects are the most neutral, highly resolving interconnects I’ve ever used. Picture from website but identical to mine. From TQ website - Black Family Smooth...
  6. MikeT.

    Orchestra Instruments Placement/Imaging

    I was listening to a Mozart album on Qobuz the other day, the album escapes me at the moment but same orchestra and conductor, just two different selections on the same album. The first movement completed and the second started and I could tell something was not quite right, instruments were out...
  7. MikeT.

    Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden - Jasmine

    I have been looking high and low for an LP copy of Jasmine. Does anyone know if this album was ever released on vinyl?
  8. MikeT.

    Schiit Mani Wanted (Edit: found one)

    Anyone have a lightly used Schiit Mani phono preamp they are itching to sell? Unique to the Mani, as far as I can tell, is the variable gain as low as 30 dB. The Rega Elys is rather high output for a MM cart.
  9. MikeT.

    Insanity? A Dive Back Into Analog

    I’ve “exited analog” three times now BUT a couple of hundred albums still remained in my listening room. They were constantly whispering, planting the seed in my mind - surely an audiophile MUST have a turntable, an audiophile MUST have a turntable. ;) Soooooo, I didn’t dive head first back...
  10. MikeT.

    Power Cords Redux

    Read @marantzfan thread, I’m considering a second pair of speakers for our new house (closing next Friday). Most interesting is the KEF LS50 wireless but they still need electricity. I may need up to 10 feet for one of the speakers using an IEC connection at the speaker end. My wife is very...
  11. MikeT.

    Kimber Kable 4PR Speaker Cable 2.5m pair

    Retail for about $100, I’m asking $55 with Parts Conexxion banana plugs thrown in. Two opposing set screws per wire for very solid connection. Includes shipping and PayPal.
  12. MikeT.

    Happy Birthday America

    Warts and all.
  13. MikeT.

    Sound bar - 2.1 versus 5.1

    Hey all, COVID has thrown everyone a curve, basically sending us into retirement a little earlier than we planned but we’re doing fine. We are watching more movies and I’m looking for a system to better capture dialogue. My wife an I live in a good size 2-br apartment with a fair sized living...
  14. MikeT.

    System Sans Turntable or Lovin’ the Stream

    Thousands of dollars later, I’ve landed in my happy place. Speakers I love, an amazing amp, a great sounding DAC, and a stopping point with speakers. Happy Easter everyone.
  15. MikeT.

    Speaker Cables, Trying a Few Things

    I recently sold my EWA LS-25 speaker cables to raise some cash. I’m trying a few things as a replacement that might have a few of the sonic characteristics of the LS25s. So far a pair of Kimber Kable 4PR were a fail, accurate but somewhat lifeless. Some of the upper range details, small but so...
  16. MikeT.

    For Sale: 3-Meter Pair Elsdon Wonfor Audio LS-25 Speaker Cable

    As a continuation of Cash Drive for Daughters, I had two pair of these remarkable Elsdon Wonfor Audio speaker cables. I swore this pair was not going anywhere, but things change as I am moving toward full-on retirement. These cables were briefly in the US as a trial pair to be reviewed on one of...
  17. MikeT.

    Turntable Kits - Cash for Daughters Drive - REMIX See REMIX post

    REMIX - Turntable Kits - Shipping Negotiable Rega RP3 - $595 average going price Groovetracer heavy counterweight $190 Retail Asking $550 for both. SUT Kit - the Groovetracer heavy counterweight in the accessories picture goes with the turntable. Redboy SUT $325 AT PTG33/2 $549 Needs Stylus...
  18. MikeT.

    For Sale: Nitty Gritty 1.5 Record Cleaning Machine w/Capstan Drive

    You wet the brushes, put the record on, push the spin button, then the vacuum button, bingo! The record is really clean. I have the factory box, instructions, brush, fluid, everything. The factory box is amazingly rugged. I’ve included an extra bottle of spray on record cleaner that works...
  19. MikeT.

    Redboy Audio HK XT10 SUT

    Sadly I need to sell my recently acquired Redboy Audio SUT to help my daughters with a little financial boost, both daughters, at the same time, for different reasons and really good reasons and I’ll get paid back. But for now I need to move a few things. This SUT was purchased on a Christmas...
  20. MikeT.

    Grado Love?

    Any interest here for a Grado Black2, good condition, sounds good. Retails for $75, looking for $45 which includes shipping. Missing the stylus guard but I can pack in a scrip bottle which you might find clever. Priority Mail within CONUS. Pics in a bit.