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  1. Wntrmute2

    Audio Art

    Interested in audio related art. Please post.
  2. Wntrmute2

    Edit Signature?

    I seem to have lost my way in how to edit my signature (the list of my gear has changed and I'd like to update). Help please. TIA
  3. Wntrmute2

    PM issues.

    So I've sent a couple of PMs recently but have had no response (may be understandable) but they are not showing up in my conversations list as being sent. Does this mean I did something wrong or ??? TIA Dave
  4. Wntrmute2

    Khozmo Help Needed

    I have the dual Khozmo attenuator set-up and somehow I seem to have "un-synced" the display brightness. The right display is one step brighter than the left and I do not know if there is a way to re-sync them. It is most apparent at each end of the brightness range. Khozmo has been less than...
  5. Wntrmute2

    What's Next?

    Well the Gadget rev-3 is breaking in nicely! But it is only mid-January. I need some suggestions as to another build. I could use another phono-stage for the upstairs rig, or..... My Radiotron 2A3/300Bs are crying out for some mods to increase the HF response but I do not want to lose any...
  6. Wntrmute2

    Holiday Gifts?

    Hello Gents. Anyone receive audio related gifts or bought something as such? My Lovely Bride found this poster and had it framed. It will go on the wall with the other like-minded art.
  7. Wntrmute2

    2021 Audio Plans

    Just a continuation from last year's thread. 1) Build the Gadget pre-amp. 2) Try DC heating on the 300B amps. 3) Try @paulbottlehead modification of the above amps to increase HF response. 3a) Try some of the Western Electric mods to accomplish the same. 4) Send Jubilee to Ortofon for a rebuild.
  8. Wntrmute2

    K&K and Adagio Zen

    I have decided to part with my prized K&K Phono-stage. It is still sealed in its box after being checked out and repaired by Kevin Carter (power supply issue). This is a fantastic sounding unit and if I hadn't built my own phono-stage last year, I wouldn't dream of parting with it. It has all...
  9. Wntrmute2

    Grayed Out?

    Anyone know why my options bar is grayed out? The one at the top of the response or post screen.
  10. Wntrmute2

    Pre-Amp Build

    Well, parts have been arriving. Some tubes and transformers. 2C22s on order from Ebay.
  11. Wntrmute2

    General DIY Questions/Answers

    I am hoping to create a thread for general questions related to DIYing tube gear and associated bits. Topics such as I'm going to post for instance so they don't get buried in someone's thread. Maybe a sticky if it merits. Question # 1) Could someone explain the differences between the...
  12. Wntrmute2

    Choke Quality

    I'm wondering about choke quality. The schematic calls for a couple of 12Henry chokes. Hammond's are about 40 bucks each, Sowter's are about twice that and I've found a pair of vintage Chicago Transformer brand 12Hy chokes for $90 each. Is it worth spending more money on better chokes or not?
  13. Wntrmute2

    Impedance Measurements

    I have a pair of Altec 902 drivers that a friend measured and found to have very different impedance curves as well as sounding different. I sent them off to Great Plains Audio for diagnosis and repair. As is usual, communications with GPA can be lacking, and they are on their way back at no...
  14. Wntrmute2

    BC 808

    Installed late last night and on first listen did not like the sound at all. I added the 25 pounds of shot strapped with some audiophile approved painters' tape and went to bed. This morning I tried again with the same album and was still disappointed with the ringing I was hearing. I tried a...
  15. Wntrmute2

    Copying Redboy

    Please forgive my for my blatant copy of his video. The content is lacking his finesse. Video I've been living down here for over three weeks so things are a little weird. I'm heading into the workroom as I type this to get the mess straightened up! The tube section is an embarrassment.
  16. Wntrmute2

    What's Spinning, Streaming or Playing this Evening? Pics please.

    Quarantined in my basement as I have been since going back to work. I thought maybe we could share what we are listening to tonight. Quarantine area a year or so ago. Current Set-up. Plenty to choose from
  17. Wntrmute2

    Help with Interpreting PSUD

    Hello Dogs & Cats. I'm still fumbling around with preamp ideas. I am now considering JELabs 76 linestage but my questions right now revolve around how to use PSUD2. I wanted to see what would happen if I changed his 50uf power supply caps to 100uf and what would happen changing from the 5ar4...
  18. Wntrmute2

    Pre-Amp Ideas

    As mentioned, I'm beginning a search for a preamp schematic to build NEXT winter. Id like something like the Cary SLP-98 I have currently. Probably want 5 inputs. I've found THIS on DIY audio. Thoughts?
  19. Wntrmute2

    SUT Wiring Help

    I have a couple of Sowter 1990 SUTs on the way from the UK. They are switchable between 1:10 and 1:20 but cant figure out how to wire in a switch or switches to accomplish this. Attached is the PDF file with the pinouts and wiring schematic. These will be octal socket mounted. Sketches would...
  20. Wntrmute2

    Powder Coating

    After my usual PC guy wanted $400 to powder coat my two aluminum chassis, I've decided I'll try it myself. I've been reading up on the PC forums and watching a few videos. Eastwood has a customer satisfaction guarantee so I've ordered their oven that my pieces will fit into and shipping was...