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    Never seen a resistor like this...

    Discovered this in the process of deconstructing a donor amp. I've never seen a resistor like this before, but it appears to be rated for 3 ohms. I'm assuming it was used for measuring bias on the tube (although no idea why they didn't use 1 ohm). Is this a wirewound? There doesn't appear to...
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    Use of Acrosound TO-300 in zero-feedback amp?

    I've come into a pair of Acrosound TO-300 output transformers and was thinking of using them in a zero-feedback Class-A PP 6B4G amplifier circuit created by Pete Millett. I've heard lots of warnings about TO-300s having issues with too much feedback and oscillation, so I would assume that a...
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    Albums I should have bought at the time - a retrospective

    Inspired by the fact that I should have picked up Untitled and Untitled (Rise) by the UK mystery hip-hop/soul/dance collective Sault when I got the notification a few weeks back, but decided to wait because $39/ea. per LP felt a bit steep, here's a very short list of recent 45s or LPs I should...
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    If anyone in Oregon is in need of a cheap Valencia cabinet...

    Vintage Speaker cabinet - collectibles - by owner - sale ( $20 for a Valencia cabinet in need of love a bit west of Eugene, OR
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    Anyone in this motley crew a member of the Altec Users Board?

    I'm trying to set up a new account on the Altec Users Board but when I try to create an account, it says my email is banned (AFAIK, I've never had an account, so not sure why this would be the case). However, the 'Help Board' for sign-in issues will only allow you to post questions if you have...
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    FS: 2018 Space-Grey Mac Mini i5 [SOLD]

    My wife has decided that she wants to switch to a Windows 10 desktop, so we’re selling her Late-2018 Space Grey Mac Mini. Excellent condition with all original packing. CPU: 3.0GHz 6-core Intel Core i5-8500B Coffee Lake RAM: 8GB of 2666MHz DDR4 (upgradable to 64GB) HDD: 256GB PCIe SSD Video...
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    Happy Lunar New Year 2021!

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    Happy International Clash Day 2021!

    KEXP 90.3 - International Clash Day
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    Who says Tik-Tok is bad?

    AMH Band (@amhband) TikTok | Watch AMH Band's Newest TikTok Videos
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    How to fix pushed-in Altec 414z vented dustcap?

    My puppy, Buddy, stuck his nose in my right 414z woofer (making me realize I really need speaker grilles), pushing in the vented dustcap. Is there any way to get these back out (I'm assuming the vacuum cleaner trick won't work because of the vented dustcap) or am I SOL and will need to replace...
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    Another use for that spare turntable

    Running DOS off a vinyl record is wildly hip | Rock Paper Shotgun
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    His Master's Voice

    So this summer, right after the death of RGB, my wife rescued a puppy we named Buddy. He's 3 months old, almost 30 lbs., and has paws the size of dinner plates so he's going to be a big boy. Tonight I was downstairs in the basement doing some work on the couch and listening to Joe Jackson's...
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    FS: Altec-Lansing N-1500A Dividing Networks - SOLD

    Selling a minty pair of N-1500-A crossovers that were a literal attic find (some of you may be aware of the story of how I acquired my 604E's). Wiring is in great shape (no cracking), with original knobs and cover plates (some very minor mounting scuffs around the screw holes on the plates)...
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    It's official, guys - we're cool
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    A nice interview with Mr. Peter Frampton
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    Now this is very interesting looking!

    Yes it is a CL ad, but I'm posting more for the extremely over-the-top chassis and massive power supply for this SV83/300B amplifier.
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    Home theater preamp for hifi?

    I'm in the middle of redoing my home theater / hifi setup in the basement. For quite a while, I had abandoned home theater and was just piping audio through a 2 channel preamp (APT Holman). However, now that everything is torn apart, I'm trying to decide if I should try using my otherwise...
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    Seattle Craigslist - someone is selling an RCA LC-1B!

    I seem to recall someone looking for an RCA LC-1 (don't recall the sub-model) a while back. In the event that there is still someone looking, a person in Olympia is selling an LC-1B in an (apparently) original cabinet...
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    Rehabbing Mastering Lab crossovers

    As @mhardy6647 is aware, I recently came into possession of a set of Mastering Lab crossovers for my 604E drivers (S/N 732 & 744). While they were intact, it was clear they had seen a lot of use. One of the chassis boxes was cracked with a piece missing (luckily a NOS Daka-Ware Chicago...
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    Mastering Lab crossovers - worth it?

    I'm seriously considering building out a set of Big Red cabinets for my 604E drivers (I have the measurements so I'm not worried about being able to build them, other than my general incompetence with woodworking). I figure I can get by with the current subwoofer I'm using to augment the lower...