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  1. Kpatch

    Hovercraft haters, it’s over. Elon Musk wants the new Roadster to hover. Yes, hover.

    “I want it to hover,” Musk said. “I’m trying to figure out how to make this thing hover, without, you know, killing people. “
  2. Kpatch

    Ice fans, it’s really, really over: Ford to go all electric in Europe by 2030
  3. Kpatch

    Cutting the cord. Goodbye Sirius XM

    Can someone explain this to me please? I just canceled my subscription to Sirius XM. I subscribed to Sirius XM several years ago so that I could have Met Opera channel in the car, as well as the Robert Aubrey Davies programs, “Millennium of Music” and “Vox” on the only other Sirius classical...
  4. Kpatch

    Funk to funky: Cremation ashes tattoo ink

    Who knew? Now you can mix the ashes of your dearly departed with tattoo ink for the “ultimate memorial”. I’m not into ink myself but I bet this will help sell a lot of broken hearts.
  5. Kpatch

    And this is why we can’t have nice things

  6. Kpatch

    ICE fans ... it’s over. Ford Wants to Sell You an Electric S.U.V. It’s Called a Mustang.

    Ford Wants to Sell You an Electric S.U.V. It’s Called a Mustang.
  7. Kpatch

    What be these things and how do they work? MicroScan Antiresonance Systems

    Snake oil or ... MicroScan Antiresonance Systems (D-6) why do those microscan anti-resonance thingies work? - centaurus3200 - Speaker Asylum Re: why do those microscan anti-resonance thingies work? - kenster - Speaker Asylum I have no need for these but they’re cheap enough used that I may...
  8. Kpatch

    Wine and cheese: study shows diet may reduce cognitive decline

    Finally some good news. This study could only have been better if they had included whiskey, cannabis and ice cream (not that I’m condoning the consumption thereof). “I was pleasantly surprised that our results suggest that responsibly eating cheese and drinking red wine daily are not just good...
  9. Kpatch

    Our room treatments might be changing

    This interesting tidbit from today’s NYT. “Stealth Moths: How to flutter undetected in the night. The wings of Chinese tasar moths have scales that function like acoustic tiles. They absorb the sonar waves of predatory bats, making it very difficult for the bats to detect the moths with...
  10. Kpatch

    Tesla is now more valuable than the combination of the world's top seven traditional automakers

    Tesla mania vs. economic reality Tesla mania vs. economic reality
  11. Kpatch

    We need to expand our music listening categories

    This rather expansive music category listing was sent to me, perhaps it’s connected to Spotify. Anyway, we might be being lazy. I don’t recall anyone posting their favorite Bubble Trance or Vapor Twitch albums. Shame! Surely we could try harder. There’s no Death Step or post-punk brasileiro fans...
  12. Kpatch

    Let the streaming Happy 250th B-Day Ludwig concerts commence

    Lots to look forward to ... like these 3 streaming concerts and conversations tomorrow with Ax and Ma. Beginnings: Beethoven’s Early Period & the Origins of a Friendship. Music & Conversation — Emanuel Ax & Yo-Yo Ma Beginnings: Beethoven’s Early Period & the Origins of a Friendship. Music &...
  13. Kpatch

    Uh-oh ... Uninvited Guests, a hip hop ‘Tribute’ in Honor Of The Celebrated Pianist Glenn Gould’s Birthday.

    Uh-oh. Uh, ok. In Honor Of The Celebrated Pianist Glenn Gould’s Birthday, Primary Wave and Division 88 Bring You: Uninvited Guests I have several Gould recordings and the Kevin Bazzana biography and the Glen Gould Reader. Yes, Glenn Gould was interested in the role technology would play in...
  14. Kpatch

    Charles Lloyd Trio live and online concert Oct 23rd

    If like me you’re jonesin’ for a live concert this might fit the bill. Charles Lloyd Trio ‘live’ tomorrow night. I’ll meet you at the bar. Charles Lloyd Ocean Trio - Lobero Theatre
  15. Kpatch

    Is it a no go for the Bluesound Node 2i? Now on sale at $449 from the usual suspects

    The Bluesound Node 2i is now on sale for $449 (from Crutchfield, Amazon, AA, etc). And I do need a streamer and was all set to go the Node route but recent Havenite disgruntled comments about caps burning up in the 2 have given me pause. Is this not a problem for the 2i? Should I just give this...
  16. Kpatch

    Mac attack? Is the candle worth the game?

    I’m following-up on some rather disparaging comments made in another thread last week about McIntosh preamplifiers. I still have a Mac C32 Pre and a Mac MC 2125 ‘Power’ amplifier. And ... I was underwhelmed by them, odd, because the Mac fanatics highly praise this combo. They are now off-line...
  17. Kpatch

    On this day in audio history

    From the Writer’s Almanac: “On this date in 1982, the first compact discs for commercial release were manufactured in Germany. CDs were originally designed to store and play back sound recordings, but later were modified to store data. The first test disc, which was pressed near Hannover...
  18. Kpatch

    What be this ... t-sectioned banana plug head?

    When my pal Ed passed in February he left me a few boxes of audio odds and ends, a variety of cables, ICs, etc., including some banana plugs I’ve never seen, unopened in the bag with no identifying information. The base of the tip has a rod that intersects the base and which moves slightly but...
  19. Kpatch

    What does that dude have written on his butt?

    Not a bum note to be heard. Listen to Bosch's 500-Year-Old Butt Song - artnet News