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  1. JohnVF

    Opinions on DH-Lab speaker cables?

    Howdy. Time to buy a Christmas present for myself as I'm going to guess that my wife isn't going to buy me speaker cable. I'm running some sort of Audioquest wire that came off of a spool at Magnolia. It's perfectly fine, but you know how this goes. Anyway, for whatever reason the DH-labs Q-10...
  2. JohnVF

    Snow on the stereo.

    Had a snow squall move through the living room. Will have to play some loud tunes to shake the snow off.
  3. JohnVF

    Maybe a dumb question but what type of place would I contact to drill a big hole?

    ^^Maybe the most unintentionally silly thread title I've ever used but I have a circular heavy metal armboard here, about 1/2" thick, and need a big hole cut in it for a Technics EPA-tonearm (they require a larger hole than most tonearms). I live in a small apartment and don't have access to a...
  4. JohnVF

    Dream table #2 takes shape (its a rectangle).

    If my not-really-an-AR-but-really-a Gem-Dandy/Merrill-inside AR ES-1 is my dream table #1, my dream table #2 has been my Sony TTS-8000 motor unit. It used to be installed in my big mid-century-modern converted hi-fi console, but with that in storage and possibly getting sold at some point, the...
  5. JohnVF

    Question about voltage step-down transformers....

    So... what should I look for in a voltage step down transformer? I'm going from 120v to 100v... and actually have one but I don't really know if I should look for a better one. It worked but I've always wondered if it contributed to a mishap with my Sony TTS-8000 (since taken care of, thank you JP).
  6. JohnVF

    Death by tone-deaf.

    How to say this without it coming across as an 'eat the rich' commentary.... not sure how as its not about wealth or judging anybody with money. But something just broke in me as I sat down in my lounge chair and cracked open the August Stereophile to be greeted by a personality-less review of...
  7. JohnVF

    So I bought these new work headphones and now they're my go-to stereo.

    Mid-pandemic I sit on the couch all day on video calls for work. Which I'm happy to do, as I'm thrilled to have a job right now. But that couch is in a one bedroom apartment that was never meant to be our full-time home... and sharing a smallish place with another person who's also at home all...
  8. JohnVF

    SACD fans?

    I'm kind of left without anything to do in this hobby now that my stereo is where its going to be for the foreseeable future. I have space for one more component here from what I have in storage, and so I'm going to bring over my EMM Labs SACD player. It's one of the better 2-channel SACD...
  9. JohnVF

    An expensive new addiction.

    So yesterday I used "I'm keeping my local record store alive in these desperate times" as an excuse to spend more that I've ever spent on an album. I got one of those Mobile Fidelity "One Step" releases, Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks. Ever since this record got me through a bitter breakup...
  10. JohnVF

    I tackled a bit of coloration in the system.

    Actually...I just painted the speaker stands white. ‘60s mod lounge closer to perfection!
  11. JohnVF

    Recommendations for light headshells?

    Hi all. I’m just wondering if anybody has any recommendations for a lightweight rigid standard mount headshell. My Ortofon is a bit too heavy for my tonearm without using an added counterweight. And all my extra head shells were accidentally left with a friend in Michigan.
  12. JohnVF

    What did I buy?

    20 questions.
  13. JohnVF

    Audio buying and selling stories.

    I don't have a specific story to start this off, but thought it would be fun conversation to have a thread where people can relate humorous, absurd, or even really great audio buying and selling stories. Honestly, I'd have sold a lot of my gear a long time ago had I not had some of the most...
  14. JohnVF

    Benchmark AH2B amp discussion thread.

    My Hypex nCore Class-D thread took a left turn at Feed-Forward-Class-H-buquerque and I ended up getting really intrigued by the Benchmark AH2B amplifier. While I have yet to buy one, I have bought the necessary RCA to Balanced XLR cables that I would need to run one. This thread will be here to...
  15. JohnVF

    Favorite medium power tube amps?

    This is a companion thread to my inquiry about Hypex amp modules. What's happening is... I'm consolidating. My excess gear is being sold off, much of it already sold, and whatever is left after buying a Fuji X-100v camera for me, a Tamrom 35mm Canon mount lens for my wife... is going into either...
  16. JohnVF

    Hypex Ncore question.

    Hello all. I'm starting to think about where I want to go for amplification in a smaller setup and I'm leaning towards Hypex based on what I've read and discussed before. That said, everything I keep finding is mono blocks with balanced inputs. N400? I know basically nothing about this approach...
  17. JohnVF

    You can't go home again.

    I recently went from living in a house and an apartment, to living in just the apartment. The speed of the move, and the look of the apartment, dictate that my main stereo is in storage for the foreseeable future. That's also being dictated by my own curiosity. Can I be happy with where I was on...
  18. JohnVF

    Proton AA-2120 amp FS, Detroit or Chicago.

    "Where does he get all these amps?" Behold the Proton AA-2120. I picked this up within the last couple of years to run with the Elac speakers I had in my bedroom, but a buddy of mine bought those and I redid that whole system around my Leben amp So, its for sale! Look at those meters...
  19. JohnVF

    Luxman M12 amp for sale.

    I love this amp. Its just so -weird- looking. Heatsinks in...front? It is PACKED inside, can't believe how heavy it is for its size. I used this for awhile several years back on my Quad ESLs because, you see, it has an 'electrostatic' setting on back so why not? It worked out great. It took a...