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  1. John Frum

    CD Changers: Love/Hate

    I personally like having a changer. Or, I do in theory. To me, in a digital disc player, the performance is a secondary concern behind function and usability. Many changers fall pitifully short in that category, and for that reason I reject out-of-hand cartridge-based players and all “mega...
  2. John Frum

    The Pro Amplifier Thread

    Every home audio forum’s got one... This thread is for discussion of professional amplifiers in a home audio context. If you’re willing to navigate fan noise and unfamiliar input/output connections, your rewards will be as many watts as you can possibly need, stability into difficult loads...
  3. John Frum

    Zenith 49CZ852 pair

    What can I say about these fantastic full-range drivers that hasn’t been said in this thread or this blog post? This is a console-fresh pair with the great signature sound and cosmetics that put them in the middle of the pack as far as examples I’ve owned. They’re fairly nice, but there is...
  4. John Frum

    Denon DN-C615 broadcast CD player

    SOLD This DN-C615 is a professional deck from 2005 that includes box, packing, manual, and rack ears. Although the unit is compatible with many remotes, I don’t believe it originally included one. Works great, and I believe the laser is commonly available. Could do a lot worse picking a CD...
  5. John Frum

    Pioneer PL-41 just... a... little... slow...

    The PL-41 was Pioneer’s top-of-the-line turntable in 1969-1970. It was, at least to the marketing department, a transcription deck suitable for broadcast use, and was equipped with a heavy tonearm (likely sourced from Jelco) and a low-compliance spherical MM cart (likely sourced from Audio...
  6. John Frum

    Devon Turnbull (OJAS) interview in Resistor.

    Devon Turnbull: Old School Hi-fi Influencer Some of you are no doubt acquainted with Mr. Turnbull and/or his work - he’s a priest in a the globetrotting SET/DIY/WE/Altec/Idler/MC/SUT cult that many of us are at least influenced by. It’s a fun interview that name-checks at least one Havenite -...
  7. John Frum

    The RPM Challenge!

    Calibrate those gyros and show us what you got! SL-1210MK5
  8. John Frum

    Plans this evening?

  9. John Frum

    First time wearing a wristwatch in 20 years.

    I am decidedly not a watch guy. While I appreciate a fine timepiece, I don’t think I’d ever shuck out for one, and I’d be most unlikely to buy and wear a mid-market watch, which in my experience function in the 21st century only as weird status markers. And cheap watches generally aren’t...
  10. John Frum

    Postulation on the ethics of crate-diggery

    If I found an obscure LP at a yard sale that’s quickly become a favorite both for being very, very good (with broad appeal in these parts), but also impeccably recorded and pressed... Just if.. Would it be unethical for me to withhold that LP’s identity from Havenites until I have another...
  11. John Frum

    Dispatches from East Dayton

    If you're a history buff, you'll be familiar with Dayton, Ohio as the home of the Wright brothers, and an early-20th century hub of invention and industry. Maybe you know someone who was stationed at Wright Patterson Air Force Base. If you're a college basketball fan, you might have been to the...
  12. John Frum

    Doug Sahm & Friends, Thanksgiving 1972

    If your house is anything like ours, music is as much a part of Thanksgiving as overindulgence in food and cannabis. There's Alice's Restaurant, of course, and maybe the "Massacree Revisited" live version. Without question, there's The Last Waltz on Blu-Ray, or the CD boxed set. But how about a...
  13. John Frum

    Couldn’t sleep. Re-cabled system.

    I had a terrible time sleeping, got up heavy early, and made some cables. All connectors, strain relief, and color bands are Belden ProSNS, and they go together remarkably smoothly with the proper Belden stripper and crimp tool. Green reclaimed Belden 1694A goes from phono pre to amplifier...
  14. John Frum

    Record care routine from scratch?

    One of my major aspirations for this winter, for my own mental health and development as a person, is for me to pivot time and attention away from the stereo hobby, at least as I currently practice it, at least for the time being. I'm about fried on the the endless reading about, acquisition...
  15. John Frum

    New Technics SL-1210MK5 completes my analog upgrade!

    I hope I’ll be able to hear past the incessant cogging to the brittle, grainy, definitely-not-audiophile presentation I’ve read so much about! Trials don’t start until tomorrow when I get my phono preamp back. This table was made in March 2010, and was one of the last off the line before the...
  16. John Frum

    FS: Sony PUA-286 broadcast tonearm

    Looking to sell my Sony PUA broadcast tonearm (11.26” effective length). Sold. I got this in a trade and have never put it to use. It is reported to have been rewired by KAB.
  17. John Frum

    Fostex WF405 15” woofer pair

    I only regret selling a small handful of audio items, and these have already made the list. I’d rather they stay in the family. TRADED!!! Think “JBL 2235” and you’re on the right track. One of fewer than a dozen production woofers that can play authoritatively down to 30 Hz, stay flat up to...
  18. John Frum

    Tamura power transformer from Sony TC-500A

    This one’s a gem for any number of small projects. $50 shipped CONUS. Original mounting platform included so that you’ve got a mounting template!
  19. John Frum

    The Great Ukulele Wave Of ‘09

    A'way back in summer of 2009, East Dayton was fast becoming the center of my social life, and I was only weeks away from making the big move myself. Back then, the idea of a three-piece band with harmonies, ukulele, melodica, and toy percussion wasn't quite completely run into the ground, and I...
  20. John Frum

    SOLD 2A3 SET - Consonance Opera Cyber 30

    EDIT: Off to the Bay! It’s about ten years old, in excellent condition, includes the manual, and the original box and packing will be packed in a bigger box. 12AX7 is a Sylvania. 2A3 pair are both black plate RCA, but are slightly different - there doesn’t seem to be much audible difference...