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  1. prime minister

    Audirvana Committing Suicide?

    That seems to be the consensus of the viewers of the grand premier. *** Spoiler Alert *** They are switching to a subscription model. And screwing the lifetime product buyers?
  2. prime minister

    Anyone Having Trouble With Tidal MQA Today?

    A buddy of mine is having trouble with Tidal seemingly not streaming MQA today. Anyone else having issues? Btw, this is not an invitation to start the MQA wars over again.
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    And For Tonight's Viewing Enjoyment....

    May the Fourth be with you!
  4. prime minister

    Anyone Frequent Japanese Language Audio Sites?

    As I finally have my Kenwood KD-990/KP-1100 working, I'd love to get some more info on them. I know they have a huge fan base in Japan, and are frequently modded and upgraded. One popular mod is adding a monster arm to it, like the Fidelity Research FR-64, but I have no clue how to mount it...
  5. prime minister

    I Do Hate Cartridge Alignment!

    What a total PITA. More then 60 years into stereo record playback, and this is the best we can come up with??? P Mount or Rega mount FTW! (if I keep the Rega, the long term goal will be a Rega cartridge.)
  6. prime minister

    Might Be Getting a Visitor

    This lovely Italian. Not sure how long she will be visiting, or what exactly I'll do with her, but it I'll try to give her a warm welcome.
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    Haven "Pub" Night - Saturday April 17- 9PM

    As the last get together was such a huge success, we're Holding another one this coming This Saturday, April 17, at 9PM EST. Join us in our chat rooms!
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    How Many of These Great K-Tel Products Did You Have?

    Aside from a number of the albums, including 22 Explosive hits, Let's Disco, and more, we had the Veg-O-Matic and their brush, both of which worked very well.
  9. prime minister

    Destination Speaker on CAM - Meadowlark Heron I

    Here's a speaker that could be a final purchase for many folks. The Meadowlark Heron I. A steal at $2k Canadian. If I were still in the area, and still had power amps, I'd snag them.
  10. prime minister

    Darko Does a Great High End DAC Comparison - Auralic vs PS Audio

    More great work by Darko.
  11. prime minister

    Man, Benny Goodman was incredible.

    Just check out this beautiful take on Moonglow. The "quartet" was about good as it got. And the tone!
  12. prime minister

    Anyone Done Cold Smoking?

    Was reading up about cold smoking salmon (an absolute favourite of mine) and the first articles I found basically told me to give it up, because I'd poison myself and die. Seeing as how this is not exactly a recent discovery, I figure it might not be quite impossible. So thought I'd reach out to...
  13. prime minister

    Wanted: One Issue of The Flat Response Magazine

    Been curious for a while now to read an issue of the flat earth audio movements magazine of choice. Just looking for an issue, or two, for a bit of reading fun.
  14. prime minister

    Do I Need a Fancy Alps Blue Velvet Volume Pot For My Old Sony 808ES?

    Saw a guy selling a board on eBay that allows you to swap out the stock Sony pot and swap in a fancy Alps Blue Velvet. I've always heard that those Alps were the bees knees, but I hav no clue what that means in real world terms. The gent selling them seems to think it's more then worthwhile, but...
  15. prime minister

    Anyone Know A Good Website Developer?

    Hi Gents. I'm looking to put together a small website, about 5-6 pages, with mostly pictures, text and some articles. As It will be showcasing the work of a favourite photographer of mine, I'd like it to have a nice artistic feel too it, without being to hip and cutting edge. I've had some...
  16. prime minister

    How Do You Look Up Phone Numbers Nowadays?

    I'm trying to find residential, "listed" phone numbers of a few folks for some work I'm doing, and all I seem to find are services that want to charge me for everything including their criminal records. I have names and cities, sometimes even addresses for the folks. I guess in the past I would...
  17. prime minister

    The HiFi Haven Online Pub Night - Mar 13 - 9 PM EST

    Hi Folks. I'd like to invite you all to our first online chat night. As an in person get together isn't currently possible, we will be arranging a meet and greet, this coming Saturday at 9pm EST in our chat room. Have some thoughts on music to share. A fun way to meet your fellow Havenites in a...
  18. prime minister

    And the Calypso Goes Back In

    Been messing with and tweaking my system over the past few weeks, so I'm curious to see how the Aesthetix Calypso preamp does vs the Exposure 3010S2D preamp this time. When I swapped the Exposure in last time, the difference wasn't huge. I'm curious to see how it Goes this time.
  19. prime minister

    Another Nice Set of Meadowlark Kestrel Hot Rods Outside Toronto

    Nice price too!
  20. prime minister

    Tips On Soldering Tonearm Wire? Kenwood KD-990/KP-1100 - Now with nudes!

    As it seems my local tech is down for a bit still, if I want to use my Kenwood again, I've got to install the tonearm myself. Kenwood has four little wires that look like they need to be soldered to something to connect it to the external tonearm cables. After the multiple moves over the last...