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  1. Drugolf

    Meadowlark Swift YouTube review.

    Good friend of mine has a YouTube channel and borrowed my set of Swifts to experience for a few weeks and do a video about. Check it out. 2Channel Listening - Meadowlark Swifts It was pretty funny when my wife didn't notice they were gone from the master bedroom for a week until she saw his...
  2. Drugolf

    Audio Rendezvous 2021

    We are having a show, swap, sale gathering here in Boise on May 15th! We've (Boise Vintage Audioholics Society) teamed up with the local Vinyl Preservation Society on this to include music media as well (just not vinyl). A small booth and door fee donation will all go to a local instruments...
  3. Drugolf

    SOLD - JBL LX5 Crossover Networks

    Pair of LX5 that I pulled from working speakers. Wrong networks for the application so I need to pass these on and fund what I need. $350 Shipped
  4. Drugolf

    FS - Marantz Reference Series Goodies

    Marantz Ref Series PM-11S1 Integrated Amplifier. Remote and Power Cord Wonderful condition $2400 plus shipping Marantz Ref Series Monaural Power Amplifiers (pair) MA- 9S1 - Also in great shape $5,000 plus shipping Marantz ref series SA-11s3 Super Audio/CD Player - $2,200 plus shipping I...
  5. Drugolf

    Wanted - Empire TT base

    I just got an Empire 398 TT that was a console pull and therefore does not have the cool wood base. I will build a new one but could use an old one, even if it's beat up as a template and example. Anybody got one to move on?
  6. Drugolf

    ForSale - McIntosh C2200

    Well here it goes, can't believe I am selling this (if it sells). McIntosh C2200 tube preamp. Has the suggested NOS tubes (Telefunken and Mullard I believe) in the preamp section. Can't recall what's in the phono section, but can identify those for anyone that need to know. The bar is high...
  7. Drugolf

    601C ideas

    I am doing a quick re-design of some existing cabinets with a new front baffle. 5.5cf cabinet. Doing the lay-out now for the CNC. Want to first try a set of 601C's I have here. Should I be considering adding a helper tweeter in this design? Seems like these older Altecs always need it...
  8. Drugolf

    Pi and Dragonfly

    Anybody pair a streaming Raspberry Pi with a Dragonfly Cobalt or similar? Got a buddy that has the Cobalt using it wired with IOs (phone and IPad) and I am trying to help him improve the streaming side of the equation by introducing a Pi to do the streaming wirelessly.
  9. Drugolf

    Crazy WE 32A Ebay

    Anybody see this auction going on right now for these Western Electric 32 horns? Wow! WE 32 Horns
  10. Drugolf

    JBL C38 - Latest Acquisition, Yeah!

    A friend of mine over in Washington posted these available so I scooped them up. I paid a fair price considering what's in them I think. As both a big old JBL/Lansing era fan and MCM stylings fan, these fit the bill to the point the wife even said unless they sound awful, those aren't going...
  11. Drugolf

    The Fisher Diplomat

    I posted this on my Instagram page last night but i thought I would throw it to the group here too. Fully rebuilt electronics, Dual TT, and my Bluesound Node2 currently hooked up to it. Fisher XP10 speakers too that are also rebuilt/restored with upgrade tweeter. I love me some MCM tube consoles!
  12. Drugolf

    Interesting Horn

    This is available not too far from me. Hmmmm....
  13. Drugolf

    DSP in the RaspberryPI/DAC chain

    I would like to start exploring what DSP will help me within within my system My Khorns in my smaller room would likely benefit from it. How are others integrating DSP in the chain of your system? In this system right now I am streaming via RaspberryPI to a Ares II DAC via USB and I really...
  14. Drugolf

    So what hooked you?

    Was there one piece of gear or system you started with that got you hooked? Something must have caught your attention and pulled you in and set things in motion for the direction you are going with all of this gear. Mine was a combination of the Pioneer SX1000Ta receiver and Acoustic Research...
  15. Drugolf

    Fiberglass Horn mounting flange

    Hey! I purchased some nice looking white fiberglass 12" horns last year. They don't have a mounting flange other than a simple wood piece the seller sent along with them. I'm thinking I could do better. Need your thought on the matter and recommendations. I can do something similar out of...
  16. Drugolf

    WinISD Questions - Tuning Frequency

    So I have been using WinISD for some speaker design efforts and after watching various tutorials etc I still have a few questions that maybe some on here can help better explain. Tuning Frequency? What is the objective here? Is it to get the lowest value possible by adjusting box volume? Is...
  17. Drugolf

    FS - Meadowlark Audio Swan Center Channel Speaker

    Nice condition. Looks and sounds great. It came with the pair of Swifts I purchased but I don't need it. $400 Shipped
  18. Drugolf

    Taking a slice of the Pi

    My turn to take a stab at this RPi thing. Intent is to see if I can improve the streamer end of my main system where I have been using a Bluesound Node for a few years now. I recently stepped up the DAC side of the formula by inserting a Denafrips Ares 2. The Pi should allow me to stream and...
  19. Drugolf

    Found me some Meadowlarks

    Saw a local CList post someone selling his system and included was a pair of nice looking Swifts and a Swan center channel. They didn't headline the add post so not sure too many others saw the opportunity. Got em in the main lounge as I type feeding them some big solid state power from a White...
  20. Drugolf

    Raspberry Pi for an old console

    I am restoring a couple old nice stereo consoles for me and others and am thinking a great option for digital connections would be with a versatile Raspberry Pi. I think it would be important that it has both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Sources will likely be from the most simple phone...