altec 416-8b

  1. blue_lu

    How to dampen your (altec) cabinet

    Dear Haven people, I am in the process of finishing up my altec build - two cabinets of approx. 150 liters (size is between a 614 and a 612) for a 416-8b (plus compression driver and supertweeter). Cabinets are made out of pine multiplex, 18mm, minimal / no bracing as per Shindo / Jagusch...
  2. S

    Crossover Help with Altec 620A/416-8B Hybrid build

    Hi all, Long post alert. Greetings from Vancouver BC. Long time listener, first time caller. Am writing this on my phone so will try to be diligent about catching auto corrects and what not but please bear with me. Here goes. About a year ago, after spending several years down the vintage JBL...