1. Baaronj

    Altec Bolero 890c experiment incoming

    Hey guys - it's been a minute since I posted. All I can tell you is newborn human children and highly involved audio projects tend not to mesh well. Especially when those children are ones that being to you. Anyhow, with the dust starting to settle and something approaching regular sleep...
  2. Baaronj

    Altec Model 15 crossovers

    Offering this clean pair of crossover/dividing networks for the Altec Model 15. I intended to use these as a platform to experiment with Model 19 networks, as they're an exact fit replacement for the Model 19 networks, but never got around to it before I sold the 19s. Schematic for these is...
  3. Baaronj

    Iconic Manufacturing Altec 604H "supercrossovers"

    Here's a nice condition and seemingly rare pair of custom crossovers for the Altec 604H, made by the Iconic venture in the mid aughts. I'll dig for some appreciate info about these networks, which I've come across in the past. Anyway, great sounding, heavy as boat anchors, and yours for...
  4. P

    WTB: 1 Altec N501-8

    Looking for a single N501-8. Thanks
  5. TubeHiFiNut

    Altec 288-16 Drivers

    I am incorrigible. Just couldn't resist picking up a pair of Altec 288-16 drivers.
  6. Stevenarrow

    Altec GPA 604-8H-III in MLTL (Bison) Cabinet

    Hey yo, So i have just finished and set up my new MLTL Bison cabinets with GPA 604-8H-III and crossover. They are not 'finished' but good enough for listening. The plans were provided by the original designer, and i committed to not sharing the dimension. The plans can be purchased. The box...
  7. GeeDeeEmm

    Greetings To All From Arkansas!

    I don't know how I've gone so long without discovering this site, but after a few hours of lurking, and seeing a number of familiar handles from AK and other sites, I've taken the invitation to join. My main interest in audio is classic Altec-Lansing, and there seems to be a good contingent of...
  8. TubeHiFiNut

    Altec 414 + JELabs OB?

    Paging @je2a3 :) Have you ever experemented with running the Altec 414 in the OB you published on your site? I'm wondering what that would sound like paired with an Altec 32B horn with 802 driver? Maybe run the 414 full range and use a cap ( in the best @J-ROB and @je2a3 tradition, of course...
  9. TubeHiFiNut

    The Haven just cost me.....

    The Haven just cost me a new piece of jewelry for My Lovely Bride..... ;) Altec 414-16B woofers are on the way. ;) :) Looking at the Altec boxes and crossovers (for the 32 horns) at the JELabs site. Thank you @je2a3 for sharing your knowledge and experience. :) The enclosures will take awhile...