1. R

    Pioneer CT-F1250 Wont stay in play mode - Its NOT the motor or belts.

    Hello fellow Hi-Fier's! I am lucky enough to have a beautiful, and highly problematic CT-F1250 cassette deck that I have been working on the last month restoring. I have rebuilt the entire transport with new grease, new belts, new pinch rollers (thank you czech guy on the webs!), new idler...
  2. drumloud

    Pioneer CT-F1250 - Rebuild the take-up motor (RMX-047 or 047A)

    Hi, I have a beautiful Pioneer CT-F1250. The common problem with these 40-plus year old dinosaurs is that the take-up motors go bad with lack of use or get "dead" spot on the motor then lose torque. I know that there is limited success in rebuilding these but I thought I'd try asking here...