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  1. ColinWonfor

    The NEW EWA A40 made by Paul Quick

    The workmanship Paul does is amazing, The Amp runs 18W Class A the A/B upto 60W/ch 8R From right to left:- Power Isolation Switch, Push for instant start and timed out about 1Hr with no music playing, Toggle Switch centre trigger-Up OFF - Down away ON Switch Toggle on back is for Balance or...
  2. ColinWonfor

    The New M50A

    The M50A is biased to 35W Class sliding to A/B. The heatsink is the chassis and temperature controlled not to go above 40C (unless you are already at 40C), So in a home at 25C the max temp was 37.8C On start up the idle current is set to be twice the running current so the M50A quickly get to it...
  3. ColinWonfor

    Health Check

    Hi All, Is everybody in good health? It has been shit here in Lock down and in London, all my hospital visit have been cancelled and I miss my nurse Maxine and her coffee. Well today St Barts hospital near St Paul.s in the centre of London have asked me to come in, I am worried I hate trains...
  4. ColinWonfor

    A new type of pot/volume control

    Well now forced to stay indoors and my pit I can do some R&D work so first project is a volume control using optics. It will allow us to have any value and multi channel pots at any pre-fixed value i.e. 10R-1000MR and either Log/Anti Log or Linear well any curve you want basically. The track...
  5. ColinWonfor

    Cheap do build a DC blocker

  6. ColinWonfor

    No More Semelab Audio FET's for Inca Tech Claymore's

    No More Semelab Audio FET's Sorry Claymore fans, the upgraded Semelab Audio FET,s I used the replace and upgrade Inca Tech Claymore have stopped production. I have enough to complete the upgrade of the two Claymore's that I am doing now ONLY. The hopeful news is I think I have found another...
  7. ColinWonfor

    Nesting LS 25 Cables.

    A nest of LS25 speaker cables on there way to new homes.
  8. ColinWonfor

    Oh crap my 65th Xmas

    Merry Christmas to all from the designer and founder of EWA cables and Amplifiers and of many other products. Many of which have won awards for Colin and the associated companies now and in his past.
  9. ColinWonfor

    Skills or Market Guru,s

    Yesterday was as sad disappointment and a big eye opener for me. On Tuesday I delivered for the best Hi-fi Dealer of Inca Tech Claymore from the 1980,s a retro Claymore we now make. Whilst there on the counter was a DUFF modern expensive integrated amp with a combo CD player, it was opened...
  10. ColinWonfor

    Retired old brain busy

    Well I can,t stop thinking of designs. So I am now keeping my retired old brain busy, the first is a SECA Twin Headphone Amp with two DAC,s Then I will go back to my favourite non audio love, yes you guessed it chocolate, NO PSU designs working on a ultra low noise low impedance range. 3.3V,5V...
  11. ColinWonfor

    Twin SECA Headphone Amp

    OK got bored just finished a "Twin SECA Headphone Amp" It has two Headphones out 5W max each Two DAC inputs and two line in inputs. HP 1 can see inputs DAC 1 and Line 1 HP 2 can see inputs DAC 2 and Line 2 Ideal for couples who hate each others music. PIC's soon.
  12. ColinWonfor

    A Blast from my past.

    No not a old girlfriend sorry. A blast from the past the predecessor to the Q20 Series, it a Inca Tech Dirk I did to go with the FMT tuner we did, which was fitted with 8 line input selector and are even rarer. And 50W/Ch and two line inputs. On Ebay...
  13. ColinWonfor

    Claymore and Royd's

    Day 1 I received with many thanks a gift from Mr. Brown, and to be truthful I was surprised not because of the action of giving which I have found to be rare indeed and when done is always generous in this business but the amazing and surprising sound and the new lease of life these amazing...
  14. ColinWonfor

    Things that go walkie's

    Here is photo of the one and only Inca Tech MSB, this amp went missing with other kit at the end of Inca Tech assumed stolen, and it was. And now back on the scene mmmm The idiot who stole it sold it to a guy in Somerset. I will never get it back. It was designed for Maggy Speakers and it...
  15. ColinWonfor

    Question Time

    Can anybody tell me four basic common loading for MC and the Odd loading some MM cartridges uses PLEASE. It is for a high precision MM/MC head I am making for my friend Alan. I will be posting cct here and Gerber files later for you all to play with, YES for free no money, and fun. And only 6...
  16. ColinWonfor

    Hi here is a few EWA beasts I made.

    The Q20, Q20p, M50, M50p, Claymore, M50p Pro 2 off ,M50, M100
  17. ColinWonfor

    First batch to Holland

    Well the first very small batch of M50 Pro Power Amp (2) and M100 Pro Power Amp (1) with the M50P Pro Pre incl simply DAC (2) are on the way to Holland in the morning. I am just week or so late to Flu Bug, but still worried they may hate them. So comments please on style would be most...
  18. ColinWonfor

    Changes in Elsdon Wonfor Audio Ltd.

    Jan 31st will see some changes in Elsdon Wonfor Audio Ltd. Due to poor health of both the founders Elsdon Wonfor Audio Ltd will cease to be, this will not stop the made to order products we do now. The production of the electronics and cables will now be done by Elsdon & Wonfor Audio. Alan...
  19. ColinWonfor

    New Pro Amps and Pre + simple DAC I am making.

    I have been having fun making these they are going to Rotterdam Uni in a few days time as a special. So comments please on styling thanks, best Col
  20. ColinWonfor

    A short cut guide to Flyback Transformers

    Fill info on the Green Highlights and this will give a rough guide for your Flayback Transformer designs.