1. prime minister

    Meadowlark Blue Heron 2 Thread

    @Pat McGinty has mentioned a number of times that the Blue Heron 2 was his Magnum Opus of convention speakers, I figured it deserved a thread of its own to understand what he achieved with it. I’m hoping Pat will chime in with his thoughts on the design and build of these great speakers. While I...
  2. prime minister

    Hey Pat. Can We Make My Next Ones Look Like This?

    @Pat McGinty This is some lovely work. I know you talked me out of burl walnut last time, but this sure looks nice too. Which veneer is this?
  3. Pat McGinty


    I thought I'd post, from time to time, some pics showing what's happening on the shop floor and on the design bench. We are enjoying a decent stack of sold orders that's keeping us happily busy, plus a bit of new product dev. For starters, here are some of the incoming parts: drivers and...
  4. S

    Kestral 2

    Hello Everyone! I was looking for a good online source for Meadowlark speakers. Seeing that their Creator, the esteemed Pat McGinty is a member of these forums, I'd say that I far exceeded my hope in finding a "good" online source. :D I have already had a conversation with Prime Minister...
  5. S

    FS: Meadowlark Kestral 2

    Hey Everyone... Short Timer here! I've already spoken with your most gracious Prime Minister and he gave his royal blessing for my post. If you'd like the backstory of the speakers' owners, I can provide it. But to most, it would probably just sound like a made-up story, so I'll save everyone...
  6. prime minister

    Meadowlark Kite Build Thread - Prime Minister Gets A New Pair of Speakers

    Yes, I can finally let the cat out of the bag. Pat McGinty just started building my new set of Meadowlark Kites. Pat and I thought it would be fun to let you guys follow the build process. As we are doing a couple of special things, I don't expect to be able to pick them up until late April...
  7. Pat McGinty

    Baby steps - first attempt at Youtube video - minidsp

    Quick vid about getting started with the minidsp PWR-ICE 125/250 two channel plate amps with integral digital signal processing. Making videos is probably not the sharpest tool in my box - but have a look and kick some dirt. Thanks! Am hoping to get more into the details on how to properly...
  8. prime minister

    Meadowlark Shearwater Hot Rod

    A placeholder thread for info and impressions on my Shearwaters and my restoration plans.
  9. Pat McGinty

    Meadowlark Audio Legacy Driver Specs

    In an effort to assist those seeking replacement drivers, I've just started a Google spreadsheet into which we will pour our best information. I intend to add the remaining models and probably the crossover circuits as time and memory allow. Some drivers continue to be available...