2019 Audio Plans?

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So, what are you guys thinking of for changes, additions or improvements for your audio system in 2019? Or maybe a whole new system? You SET guys finally gonna throw in the towel, and move up to solid state?

Me? No major changes planned, unless I move to a new space. Then different speakers might be needed.


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Tough question. My ideas change by the day. I'd like to put together a system that I really like. Just don't know what it's going to take to get there. I love tubes for the sound quality. I like SS for ease of use. If I ever come across a SS that sounds like good triodes I'm sold.


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Here, I need to update/upgrade the power in my room - dedicated line from the panel to the system. And then probably a conditioner. And then better power cords. And better speaker cables (on the radar already) for the Harbeths. And some better stands under the Harbeths. And maybe a DAC for the computer. (Or not, as I was getting a bad speaker reflection from the computer monitor sitting on top of the rack, so I put the monitor on the floor. And I already turned off the computer as its near-silent operation wasn't quite silent enough. Maybe I'm not ready for this computer-audio thing quite yet?) And a little less absorption and a little more diffusion with the room treatments. And a better one-step "quick wash" for certain LPs rather than the usual 2-3 step deep clean.

And... and maybe I should "cool it" a while? (I basically did a whole new system in 2018.)

Actually, my system would be well served to remain as-is for 2019 and I should devote some effort and time in to getting my albums in to Discogs. I already got them all in one place and organized/sorted earlier this year; that's the next logical step, and one that's been lingering on my mind for some time.


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Sell some gear.

Anyone looking for a pair of rat-rod Fisher 30A monoblocks? How about some designer Klipsch KP-250s? :D


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A decent quality DAC will complete the main system. Right now I am running Roon and Tidal through my Sonos. It is ok but I tried a friends Benchmark DAC 2 and it was much better. I would like to upgrade my power cords to the same type of wire as my interconnects and speakers but what I have isn't bad so I am in no hurry for that. I am pretty impressed with the Herbies spike/cone isolator sliders that I got for the speakers so I am thinking of trying some of his Tenderfeet or Isocups under the electronics. The big project is going to be re-capping my old Pioneer SX-838. It is in the bedroom and doesn't get much use but I feel inspired to get it done. I have had the caps for a couple of years now but just haven't been motivated to tear into it. It won't happen quickly so I won't miss it being on the bench apart for several weeks. The new Vintage restoration thread happened at just the right time!


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I'm going to use this year to tie up loose ends...fix things that need repair, sell things that are just sitting around, and to clear out clutter. The only thing I really want is a DAC for my main system. I use my Berkeley Alpha in my bedroom, and have a BMC dac in a system upstairs but my main setup just runs off my BlueSound Node2 direct. I mostly listen to records in that setup so its not been a big deal.

Big things on the to-do list: retip my Dynavector XX2 and fix my VAC tube amp for possible sale.


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I do have short list.
Finish my 2a3 build.
Build the SLOB subwoofer I drew up almost a year ago.
Build a DHT preamp.
Take my wife record shopping because she always encourages me to spend more than I let myself .


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1st order of business is to wrestle my altec 604 project to the ground. i have a long thread on AK (lots of altec folks there)...
i got them restored by gordonw, built new crossovers for them (thanks for the help from this board!), and am now playing with cabinets.
latest are large JBL theater cabinets, using one JBL woofer to assist the altecs. (no room right now for the billfort 9 ft2 cabinets.)
after that want to try some fleawatt amps with them, thinking 2A3 or 45/46.
will keep me busy for a while.
also clearing out/fixing gear that is sitting around...


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IF things go reasonably well then a new cart is in the plans for the Gyro. Maybe sell an existing DAC and a spare Rega tonearm to try and gain some features with a new DAC. That's it.