2020 Audio Plans


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As is usual for me, I made no specific plans. 😎

But regardless, 2020 has still been a more or less steady pursuit of adding to my contentment. I just added a pair of factory crossovers (thanks to Woody 😊) to complete my Model 17 Altecs.

I'm not sure I'll use them because I'm so happy with the Markwart/Billfort inspired crossovers I've been happy with for over a decade, but these complete the system as an important historical artifact.

As is a testament to my existence, I always seem to be playing "catch up", and I just added Johnny Cash's 2015 180 gram box set of his "American Recordings". They sound every bit as nice as the reviews claim. Dead silent in the groove.

What else will come along this year? I couldn't say...tbc.
Full room treatment
Schiit Yaggi DAC
Finish up some amplifier builds
Custom two arm plinth TT
Accomplished! As usual way more things than were on the list were purchased/sold but I really I made the most progress in the 25+ years seriously pursuing a great sounding synergistic sum of all things from source to my ears than I have ever made.
Anyone else looking back on their posts as the year is almost over?
2020 looks to be the year I'll finally be able to set up and dial in my super-vintage-mono-system. This is a system I've built out of curiosity more than anything else, assembled piecemeal as different things came up within driving distance and whatever budget I could assemble. What 2020 brings over other years is a change of place - a move to a larger, more permanent place. In progress. (That's a story for another time.)

Here's the to-do list:

Speakers - 1940's RCA Shearer Horn (Slowly) In progress.
-Build crossover Parts Sourced, not yet assembled
-Repair/rebuild horn throat adaptor (I'm considering having a bronze throat cast here in town) Throat repaired.

Amplifier - Western Electric 124F
-Fly to New York to pick up amp from the person who was kind enough to take the rebuild project on In progress.

Turntable - Rek-O-Kut TR-43H (Slowly) In progress.
-Rewire power cord Unfinished.
-Build plinth Plinth design 50% complete.

Really looking forward to hearing these pieces all singing together!
I'll give myself a B- on this set of to-do's.

I'm glad I didn't say I wouldn't be purchasing anything this year as that woulda been every kind of lie.


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1. Less time in audio forums.
2. Upgraded power from the electrical panel (a big project), with some power conditioning.
3. Maybe some new speaker cables.
4. Listen more, fuss less.
5. Did I mention less time in audio forums?

Are we re-capping 2020?

I did a little on #1, but not enough. (see below)
I did #2 and am quite happy so far.
I did #3 twice, also very happy.
I’m so-so on #4, should fuss less and listen more.
I did #5 twice, in the form of a forced hiatus for a period, 1-month and 2-months, nobody seemed to notice.

Edit: It occurred to me that I did other things in 2020, too:
- rotated through several DACs (a few borrowed, a couple owned) and settled on one that's a "good fit" for me and my system
- "tweaked" my turntable by upgrading motor and pulley and going to a dual-belt arrangement
- upgraded several power cords, in addition to the room/system power and conditioner mentioned above
- "upgraded" the tubes in my pre-amp, only to discover that I preferred the previous tubes already in it
- managed to get some new music, including a few new favorites ("now" favorites?)
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My 2020 audio plans are.

1. complete the “Prodigal Son” Technics SP-10 MkII.

2. Spruce up the listening space to make it more enjoyable aesthetically and sonically. Room treatments!

3. Demo and acquire a Phono stage with at least 2 inputs flexible enough for a wide range of Carts that also sounds good to me.

4. Rebuild my Digital streaming capability to better match the other sources.

5. Continue to explore Music and different artists. Get back to the music.

*** forgot to add repair broken and refurb my Vintage keepers***

1. repair my amazing Esoteric P2S transport
2. Refurbish the mint Kenwood KA-9100
3. Repair the Kenwood TX-7500
4. Repair the Technics SL-1600
5. Refurbish H.H Scott Tube Tuner and Multiplex

Well... for 2020 I did a heck of a lot!

1. The prodigal Son is done and the finest audio Project I have ever undertaken! Super happy with this one! Check!

2. No Room Treatments. But SWORDS!!! those count for room treatments, right? Partial Check?

3. The Cyrus Phono Signature is the best Phono pre I have owned bar none...Period. Check!

4. The Lumin T2 is an all in one solution that is the number one source here. Big Check!

5. I have purchased more Music in 2020 than in recent years. The entire Tone Poet series for example! Check!

As to the mini list..

1. Sold
2. Done and Sold
3. Done and Sold
4. Still incomplete Abandoned?
5. Incomplete and considering potential sale.

All in All. A very Productive 2020!
I too have hit a pretty sweet spot, but the tweeker in me keeps wondering.
I do intend to finish my 2a3 pp amps , become a steamer with a pi , and build another phono pre (design to be determined).
And get side tracked with every shiney object coming along .
I did finish my 2a3 amps.
I jumped into the streaming audio world with a pi.
Did not build a phono pre.
Did get side tracked.... and that project will start early in January. The WE TA 7331 project.


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Some carried over due to an unexpected move, along with a new one or two added:

1. Build stereo subs to “compliment” the 604’s
2. Buy a tube based or active Pre; thinking bottlehead BeePre or shindo.
3. Put together digital server/hub/streaming setup....
4. Finish eames chair.
5. Finish thorens TD160 plinth.
6. Build two way horn system with JBL components, same with Altec and VS them to see who’s king.
7. Room treatment; bass traps, panels.....
8. Sample higher level integrated amp for ease of use & sound quality comparison; Luxman?
Still have time to knock off a few items. It ain’t over till it’s over!