2021 Audio Plans


Not a discrete set of goals, but I hope to digest some of the lessons learned from trading horses over the past few years and to form practices around those. You know, learning how to focus my efforts and all.
Focus is an elusive but laudable goal. I am trying to do the same.
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About to pour slab for a 19'x24' listening space. This will be attached to a detached, 20'x20' garage/shop that sits about 100' from the house. It will likely have a vaulted ceiling that goes from 9' to 15' and will be replete with a variety of acoustic treatments. I'll also use the space to rotate some of my various drum sets (I dabble in vintage drum restoration) and host jams with other musician friends.

Also, been working on a turn-key, light-weight DIY absorption panel kit that supplies the frame (hardboard rather than lumber), hardware and covering material and that is designed to be used with an off-the-shelf Owens Corning mineral wool insulation (Home Depot and Menards stock it)...making it possible to construct a total of five 30"x24"x3" thick absorption panels (which makes them effective down to 250 Hz and as broad-band bass traps if doubled up) using locally sourced absorption media (so the high cost of freight for that material is avoided) that can be mounted on wall or an inexpensive microphone stand (so the user has the option for non-permanent installation) all for around $200 total investment (and yes, that includes the cost of the mineral wool). That's about $20 less expensive, per panel, than commercially available 3" thick mineral wool and/or compressed fiberglass panels. Construction will require only a screwdriver, bread knife or electric meat carving knife, craft glue, and the mineral wool...everything else is provided in the kit and all holes will be pre-drilled so one panel will take about fifteen to twenty minutes to assemble. Hoping to have some Beta testers to send out by summer.

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