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2024 Tone Poet list is out!

All I can say is...
April 5, 2024
  • Horace Silver – Silver’s Serenade (Blue Note, 1963)
...about freakin' time!!!

And just in time as well, as I've been looking at numerous copies on Discogs and eBay, none of which I trust buying.

That leaves reissues of just a handful more and I'm happy: Tokyo Blues, Horace-Scope, and Cape Verdean Blues (as my recent copy is badly off-center on side one, and digitally sourced).

...... as for the rest, I have some streaming to do!
Same here. I'm not much of a Blue Note fan, but have a couple of artist "hot buttons" where I'll consider nearly anything released, like Horace Silver. Gotta say that the few titles I've cherry picked from the Classic Vinyl and Tone Poet series have been enjoyable...and yeah, thanks to streaming, I can find out if it's a buy or not.

The Tony Williams Life Time (his recording debut) might be a good one also--I've listened to quite a few of his fusion-based records but always forget to go back to his roots.