Sold 2A3 tube single ended triode SET amp - can also use 45s

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TRADED: upgraded Relyon brand amplifier. cheap way to get into 2A3/SET amps. sounds good - i've enjoyed my time with it. now its time to move on to a new home. Its called an "integrated" - with 3 inputs - but i found it to sound best with a preamp. and now the input selector switch is loose, so unless you tighten it, the unit is currently set up with one input - like the power amp it really is. comes with the shown tubes: a "chrome-dome" 5U4 rectifier; two GE 5-star 5814's (12AU7 types); two Sylvania fat bottle 6CA7s; and a brand new pair of modern Shuguang 2A3s.

this is from the seller from whom i got the amp:

“Relyon SE2A3 Integrated tube amp, professionally modified to run both 2A3 (5w/ch) and 45 (2w/ch). Unit was modded with premium wiring and high quality capacitors/resistors to upgrade the already good sound quality to a much higher level. A true audiophile SET amp with a fairly small foot-print. Amp works and sounds great. esp after i switched some Sylvania fat bottle 6CA7s in for the EL34s.”

for the alternative listening experience with 45s instead of the supplied 2A3s, the rectifier tube is changed over from a 5U4 type to a 280 or 80 type (with adapter). I did this transformation several times and it worked well.

To switch b/w 2A3 and 45, change rectifier:

45 = UX-280 etc

2A3 = 5U4 etc

note: you would need to source the 45s and 280 type rectifier. only the 2A3s and associated tubes are included here.

the chrome top plate contrasting with the black finish makes the amp hard to photograph. the golden tones on the top plate are reflected from a wooden ceiling. the chrome can be cleaned up even more, if the new owner desires to.

HFH member price: $550 + $50 to ship in lower 48. please let me know if you have questions.


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Hi, brand new member hee. Is this amp still for sale??? I just built some horn-loaded speakers that might work nicely with this. Thanks!