A Get Well Present for Deli

I'd rather take the chance and something more tangible if we can. If we pick well, he is sure to like it. And even if it's not to his taste, a well written book is still a pleasure.

Plus, it will always have meaning for him, as something chosen for him by friends.

Further to your label choices, have they released any truly killer sounding records recently? Anything that had people raving?
Blues, jazz, roots, 'new stuff', of which I have little exposure, just about anything.

I think he would enjoy that book on the blues, as it deals with a search for the old Mississippi bluesmen, like R.L. Burnside and Othar Turner, among others. Interviews and photos, and recordings, which were life-changing, for previously unrecorded artists.

I haven't kept up with new releases, because I have refrained from buying, since January 1, 2019. I only got the Oscar Peterson boxed set because I was sent a gc for Acoustic Sounds. That is a killer set, if I may be allowed a non sequitor.

That said, True North has some Matt Anderson blues, the latest Bruce Cockburn along with the rest of his catalogue, The Wailin' Jennys, Murray McLaughlin, et al. @mhardy6647 can confirm the second and third choices, I believe.

At Nonesuch, the title that tempts me most is the newest Rhiannon Giddens, formerly of Carolina Chocolate Drops. They're Calling Me Home. It's all duets with Francesco Turrisi, an Italian multi-instrumentalist.

You could as easily jump into Jazz, Rock, World. Actually he tends to stay more out of the mainstream than in. In that vein, perhaps the Rhiannon Giddens. It's getting a lot of chatter, as is Ms Giddens.

Narrowing down his taste is almost impossible, but does certainly include the Blues. Likewise, I named those labels particularly for their quality and production values.
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Donated. I figured it out. Suppose I should also donate my annual site contribution too. Anyone mind telling me what value we're typically expecting for annual subs?
Ok. Time for shopping.

It looks like I'll order up the following:

Mississippi Hill Country Blues
99% True

Rhiannon Gibbons - They're Calling Me Home

Gift Certificate:
Acoustic Sounds - balance of what's left over.

I figure this way we cover our bases, and he's certain to end up with something enjoyable. I'll order the books and record first, and the gift certificate to follow once I know when they arrive. Kind of a Christmas in January for him.