A Get Well Present for Deli

PM, all good stuff. Great idea and thanks for doing all this

And regarding the legalization discussion, these humidity packs are great for keeping things fresh and fruity. Toss it in a bell jar or plastic snap container and you're good

Boveda packs


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Ok. Time for shopping.

It looks like I'll order up the following:

Mississippi Hill Country Blues
99% True

Rhiannon Gibbons - They're Calling Me Home

Gift Certificate:
Acoustic Sounds - balance of what's left over.

I figure this way we cover our bases, and he's certain to end up with something enjoyable. I'll order the books and record first, and the gift certificate to follow once I know when they arrive. Kind of a Christmas in January for him.
I'll send some money as soon as a hack on the account that just turned up this morning gets resolved... grr...
Yup that's the guy! (Also I spelled his name wrong earlier)

I kind of have a thing for history around atomic bomb development. Feynman was part of that operation and worked under Oppenheimer, but he went on to do a number of interesting, if offbeat, things

I think some communities like electronics, physics, semiconductors and chipsets -- kind of have a cult following where he's a big guiding figure. But I'm sure other people could comment on that


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Richard Feynman.
A brilliant and different thinker with an enormous ego. But, to his credit, he deserved his ego (unlike many of us).
His physics lectures are legendary -- and deservedly so.

His autobiographies (yes, plural) are well worth reading.


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In seriousness, some, perhaps even much, of what I am as a scientist was inspired, if only peripherally, by Feynman.

I love this book.

This is why hifihaven has become my preference for forums
Nuclear weaponry?

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