A hot few days.


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Regardless of the BBC saying it will 32C it was 39C in my garden for 2 days that is enough, back to 15C please.
So how was it with you.💥🇬🇧


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Hot here (again) this week in northern New England ;) -- we usually only get a few days at a time, though.
High today'll be ca. 32 degrees -- as y'all know degrees :)

Our farmer-neighbors were finally able to cut hay in our back field (which connects to one of their fields -- it is a win-win! :) ) late last week.
We had a very wet spring this year.

DSC_5970 (2) by Mark Hardy, on Flickr


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Typical Phoenix Summer weather here.

Was 113F (45C) yesterday. Getting a little reprieve Wednesday and Thursday where it will dip below 100F for a couple days then back to 100-115 through mid October.


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Today should be nice @ 24. Our weather this summer has been really variable (no snow yet though) with days starting nicely but late afternoon often featuring a thunderstorm which kind of spoils things. Such as at a local airshow recently - the link below has a short clip of the bouncy castles bouncing in an unauthorized fashion.

I have yet to water the lawn as there's been so much rain, and this is the latest that's happened in the 14 years we've been here.


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Down here in TX we're in a bit of a dry spell. It's hot, no humidity and no rain in sight. Grass is dead, leaves are getting dry. We need some moisture, STAT!
Where are you, I am north of Houston and have not used my lawn sprinklers yet.
Mostly wet and miserable here DownUnder in Auckland, New Zealand.
We get the odd dry spell where it’s clear blue skies and a sunny 10C, the its back into rain, wind and dark grey skies.
It reminds me of Bill Murray in Groundhog Day... “It’s gonna be cold and grey and it’s gonna last you for the rest your life...”
Bring on Spring!!!