A pair of Shearwaters newly offered in NorthEast

Checking hifishark.com, I found these two new offerings. They're a big large for me - and hours away - but two more Shearwater Hot Rods have appeared for sale recently. Both specify local pickup only. One in Johnson City, NY is listed on USAudioMart for $1,000. A second in West Hartford, CT is listed on eBay for auction, with only one bid so far (for $49.00!)
West Hartford about a 3 hr drive for me, would they be that much better than my Kestrels ?
If they go cheap enough, I’d personally take the chance and grab them. I don’t think it would be hard to sell them if you turned out not to be a fan, or sell your Kestrels if you kept them.

I’m unable to get them myself due to an injury that really puts a damper on my abilities, but if I was closer, I’d be working out a plan myself to grab them, I can tell you that.

Where are you located?
A bit larger footprint, but they’re definitely heavier - an issue for a guy of modest stature. Here are the specs I found:

Kestrel Hot Rod: 36” x 8” x 9”, 46 lbs.
Kestrel 2: 40” x 7.25” x 12.5”, 42 lbs.
Shearwater Hot Rod: 40” x 9” x 11”, 65 lbs.

I used to own the original Allison One towers, also 40” in height, about 70 lbs. They were a beast for me to move, but designed to be set close to a wall, so there was no need to fine tune the placement. They weren't a good fit for my original space, and I eventually sold them, replacing them with Revel M22s on PSB Stratus Mini stands. Filled with sand, the sets are heavier than the Allison’s, but I can at least move speaker and stand separately.

Just for curiosity, I ran TollGuru for that CT set - just over 13 hours of driving, over $200 in gas and tolls to fetch them.
West Hartford sold for $626. A good price but not good enough to drive 3.5 hours to pick up.
I was more tempted by a set of Kestrel Hot Rods that were offered in New Jersey - about three hours from me - for $400. But they sold in less than a week. ( I contacted the seller and he advised they were sold a day or two earlier.) There's another set listed in Ontario (definitely too far!) for $500 Canadian (about $465 US).