A question on Wigwam about TQ cables.


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A question on Wigwam about TQ cables.

1) Firstly TQ cable is not made with ferro material in the plastic , as this would grind down the tooling a would cost TQ to much money, and also I have done the experiment it would be the wrong magnetic material (to brittle)

2) On warming cables up and running in, Two thing happen .

a) The expansion and contraction caused be two dissimilar materials i.e. the wire (Cu not Tq+Cu) and the two insulators (PTFE + PFC) leave a small gap thus reducing the dielectric effect. But this is not the major cause or "Run In Time" But you can speed this up without fancy CD's. Try Freezer for a day then plunge in Hot water and try again. (small changes)

b) But the biggest effect is the exchange and bonding of dissimilar metal in the connection and solder joints. This also accounts for the direction of the cable, the relationship between Plug and socket. I found out years ago when Au Mains plug were brass that correct plating to Cu+Ni+Au and not just Au made a huge difference and after a few months the gold on brass seemed to fade and appear to fall of. This however was not the reason, the Au had defused into the Brass and had vanished from sight but on chemical analysis was still there in the Brass.

Now this happen with cable and speaker but we make it worse when we apply current and the Plugs A and Plugs B take on some of the materials of sockets A and B and visa versa.

And hey ho the cable sounds better because we now have no micro miniature batteries polarising the combination , so it is run in.

The fascinating part about this is Au on Au both ends will never run in and you will never hear a improvement so if the kit sound crap blame the kit or the cable.

Now do not be fooled by the praises of Silver, it is a con, the silver oxide will fall off and continue to fall off until you are back to the base metal, and for this reason I never wanted Silver anywhere near TQ cable, but as you can see the Jacked up prices and marketing have ignored that fact.

Ok now have fun guys pick holes as normal but I have done all the above have YOU?