A remake better than the original?

Cool story. Music has a way of touching us in the most profound ways. I know it does me.

Grateful Dead seems like a natural to be covered by a reggae band. Jerry will get his guitar ringing like a steel drum and get a very calypso vibe going. It just has a nice bounce to it and can really get you grooving, just like reggae.

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"Hey there Lonely Girl" recorded in 1970 by Eddie Holma, would probably be considered better than the original.

As it did far better in the charts than Ruby & the Romantics', "Hey There Lonely Boy" recorded in 1963..

A copy of which I have in a jukebox. But I prefer it,



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Iz - What a Wonderful World

better than the original? [shrugs] dunno. its a not sucking version.
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It's nigh blasphemy to suggest that anyone did it better than Tom Waits, but The Ramones cover of I Don't Wanna Grow Up is a lot of fun!

Tom's video is way better, anyway. And so is the song...

Wide Mouth Mason's Cover of Superstition

I recorded this song to one of my recent mix tapes "Funk & Motown."

And the Cowboy Junkies' version of Sweet Jane made it to my most recent mix tape, featuring Canadian bands and artists. I recorded the song from my record album "The Trinity Session."


I like both versions of "Brick House." But I have to give props to Rob Zombie to bring in Lionel Richie on guest vocals.

There's also one of Zombie's versions of "I'm Your Boogie Man" that I prefer over another (there are different mixes out there), but can't find the right one at the moment.


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I rather enjoyed this remake on Qobuz this morning, found on Disc #2 of the Black Pumas Deluxe Edition, though "better" than the original is often too tall an order:

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