A Toy Box For My Son


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So, figured after about a year of talking about it, I'd begin on a toy box for my kid. So far, so good. Just need a few more coats of the sealer/top coat and ordering the hinges. I didn't choose the cedar for it's smell, but rather its looks. However, I may leave the inside unfinished to get some of the smell still; I'm not fully decided yet.

While I can't take 100% credit for the full build, I did design it and I'm doing my own finish work. However I had one of our workers build the actual box after the parts were cut on our CNC router. With a kid in full blown "terrible twos" and a set of twins on the way, spare time is a thing of the past so I did what I had to do.

20180601_141212.jpg 20180601_140953.jpg 20180612_105516.jpg 20180612_111415.jpg 20180612_111425.jpg


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Whatever you do, make sure the hinges on that beautiful toy chest don't allow the lid to slam shut.

(my sister broke my finger when I was 2 because of a toy chest lid)


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Very nice box, nothing wrong with hired hands. I’ve had to delegate a few home projects with how busy I’ve been at work lately.