A Very Nice Tube Phono Preamp

Here’s another factoid about 5687s or at least my experience with them. As I said in earlier posts, I really like the sound of Raytheon 5687s in this phono circuit. They have strong, deep bass, full extension in the highs, excellent detail and dynamics. Really no problems at all. I also liked Raytheons best in my old Artemis phono preamp, now long gone.

However, when I tried Raytheons in other gear including my Emotive Vita power amps and an ANK 3.1 DAC, they sounded too lean and thin, bordering on anemic. In my Emotives I use GE 5-star 5687s for the input stage and JAN Phillips 5687 for the driver stage. In the DAC, also long gone, I also preferred the JAN Phillips.

Maybe there’s just something about phono preamps where the Raytheon shines. Beats me.
I haven't yet evaluated properly how JAN Philips sounds in my DAC, too busy with listening LPs. I've surfed around different audio forums, and Raytheon gets often the most positive ratings on sound. However, it is also considered maybe the worst concerning microphonics. But I believe I will source a pair of new Raytheons anyhow.