FS abbasaudio SE phono stage


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This is the 'SE' phono stage from Ukrainian manufacturer abbasaudio. As far as I know it's discontinued as he has chosen to focus on DAC orders instead.

The circuit is EF86 input, passive RC RIAA with Siemens styrene capacitors, output with choke-loaded EL84s, EZ80 rectifier. Vintage Siemens MP coupling capacitors. Black gate VK in the cathode. Standard specs: 42dB gain, 47k input load.

It sounds a lot like his DACs but better because it's analog. It was not embarrassed by the $18k EMIA LR phono.
I paid $2400 and would like to get $2000 net to me for it, including all NOS tubes.

This is an insane deal, @mrgoodsound actually let a small group of friends borrow this phonostage couple months ago and I thought it was one of the most musical phono pres I've heard. If you like dynamics and supreme tonal density, I would try this thing