Affordable TVC preamp options?


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A question for the experts here. I have in front of me a wall mounted remote speaker volume control. It was a two dollar thrift store purchase. The control consists of a 10 position switch, a pair of autoformers and stereo input/output terminals. Clearly this item lacks the number of steps of volume control and the audiophile approved components of the Dave Slagle devices. Could it still be used as a passive preamp?

IIRC, Joe recommended the Atlas Sound AT100's. I have 4 or so of them, and have used them in crossovers, in place of an L-pad. They work quite well in that capacity. I've not tried them as source level attenuators, I don't think they would work well there.


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This arrived the other day. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but the construction is very solid. I'll just use inputs 1 and 3 until I get used to it. That way I can use #2 as a sort of disconnect. Time to dig out the ST-70.


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Interested to hear your feedback. Looks like another is up on the bay. I am happy with my Freya but would not mind trying these special auto former laden units.