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Thanks Fran! And reading this from someone who lives in such a beautiful part of the US - the Finger Lakes NY - brought another tear to me eye; the Lotus Esprit has to finally go. It hasn't seen the spark of life in about a decade, but my absolute best times behind the wheel were driving this down to Watkins Glen or more local, up into the Haliburton Highlands.

It doesn't get much better for me than getting that series of turns just right with the right combination of wheeling & revs, and this old high-revving normally aspirated Lotus does it better than anything I've driven.

Sadly neglected for way too long (house, kids, no garage, other hobbies...), it's time for it to be re-born by someone who has the time for it and to get that series of turns just right in the future.

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What a treasure. Oh my is all I can say. I'm about your size... :chin


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I’d be heartbroken to be leaving that gorgeous room too.

But I’m eager to see what you come up with this next round! I imagine it will be amazing.

As for the car, I always loved these- especially when you checked off the “underwater diving” option…View attachment 38376
I remember a previous time we were discussing Bill's Lotus on this board, and I had posted how any rare Esprit sightings in my area always took me back to the chase scene in The Spy Who Loved Me:



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A friend was looking for a Lotus and he's got the chops to fix whatever ails that car. Shoot me a DM with details if you're serious about selling.