Allen Park Ford Swap Meet Today


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Our friend Neal Petty has once again arranged for the Ford Audiophile Club to have a Spring Swap Meet in Allen Park. He's done this a number of times in the past and it's always been a success for the shoppers and sellers.

It will be at the Allen Park Presbyterian Church 6835 Park Avenue. Allen Park, MI 48101 on Saturday May 11th from 10AM to 2PM and admission is free. It features gear, media, and parts and can cover a broad spectrum of items, and usually favors vintage. I'll have a table as will two other SMAC members, and has been well attended in the past by many SMAC'ers.
As usual, there will be a listening room set up also.
It's always a great way to spend a few hours on Saturday checking out gear, flipping through media and just talking with other folks like us.

I hope to see you there!!

😐 I would have rented a table and taken piles of stuff I need to get rid of. Maybe next time...
Is that the one we went to @JohnVF ? Where you picked up those awesome JBL speakers?
Yeppers! I was talking about that with a couple SMAC'ers today. It was a nice show with a bit more black stuff and not a lot of vintage silver or tube stuff. There was a set of Zu Essence speakers with a $900 sticker that looked interesting. I showed remarkable restraint and only bought and old Roku unit and a Realistic power meter, Stock photo of the Zu's below..

IDK. I thought he had Dirty Weekends, but maybe that was you? It wasn't Jim selling them for sure, unless he had a buddy haul them. They did have cartons; big ones too.