Altec 2 Way Build ala JELabs - 802/32/414

But what structure does it secure?
The C version is some sort of injection moulded plastic, its prob not that strong (altec added extra support on later Cs) im not sure it secures anything but i suspect it adds a bit of strength to where the drivers attach, i think mine were missing when i got them maybe 7 years ago and no sign of a problem. Touch wood.
After a google image search it looks like all Cs have this screw, it looks like there is a second e on the other side that i hadnt noticed
I tried an m3 /13mm wood screw, it is a touch smaller than the original so added a bit of epoxy putty and it seems to be a success.

thanks guys!

Looking at my 32c’s, I believe the screws were used during assembly. When glueing the horn into the flange, the two pieces were mounted on a jig for proper alignment and the screws were used to maintain the alignment as the glue setup. I can’t see any other use for them, but I could be wrong.
I ordered some of the versa pak/kimsol last January to try out as damping in my altec 32/802g/Jensen 15” speakers. It arrived a few days ago, well over a year later!

For those of using this stuff; it seems pretty thin, are you doubling it up? Currently using wool felt on the back, one side and top and haven’t experimented much.
I tell you what, finding various insulations we need for our purposes is a real challenge any more. The difficulty I had in tracking down OC 703 was ridiculous, especially in a town like Boise where construction and development is off the charts.
And cotton? Forget about it. The crap that is used in the upholstery world these days is crap and centered on cheap foam.